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Thread: New GMAIL features !

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    New GMAIL features !

    When I visited my gmail acccount i saw a bold red colored link on top "New Features"

    so i just wanted to update people what gmail has added !

    What's new on Gmail?
    Updated: 14-July 2004

    You asked. We said they were coming. And now, they're here:

    * Import Contacts
    You've made a list. You've checked it twice. Now you never have to check it again. Move all your contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and others to Gmail in just a few clicks. Then simply rely on our auto-complete feature to prefill all your addresses for you. Keep all your contacts in one place and keep in touch with all of them using Gmail. Learn more

    * Signature options
    From the settings page, create a signature that's automatically added to the end of all your outgoing messages. Change it as often as you like, but always get the last word. Learn more

    * Safari browser support
    Everybody's gone surfin' now Mac OS X's Safari is surfing Gmail as well (versions 1.2.1 and newer).

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    Indeed, I still can't figure out the big deal about GMail (other than the not-really-needed 1 GB sized mail account) but if they are going to continue to implement new feature's then that should be somewhat interesting. I might get an account just for testing, etc purposes.
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