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Thread: For those who use ACID

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    For those who use ACID


    I found out about this nifty proggy on friday that one of my colleagues wrote.

    by Phil Deneault
    Placid(Phil Loathes ACID) was created as a replacement for CMU's ACID. Acid was too big, too slow, and had too many requirements for me. So I rewrote almost the entire thing(as well as added a few new features) using Python.
    # Requirements: Apache HTTP server(www.apache.org)
    # MySQL 3.23 or better(www.mysql.org)
    # Python 2.2 or better(www.python.org)
    # The correct MySQLdb module for your python/mysql interface(http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysql-python)
    # PyChart(http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Yasushi_Saito/pychart/)
    # Ghostscript(http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/)
    PLACID falls under the GPL, and you can grab it here: http://speakeasy.wpi.edu/placid/

    Hope you like it...
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    This is another alternative to ACID.

    The Aanval Intrusion Detection Console / System is the industries newest advanced intrusion detection console.
    Currently supporting modules for Snort and syslog (installed by default) - Aanval provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive reporting, powerful alerting capabilities, unmatched performance and reliable stability.

    Aanval supports multiple sensors of multiple intrusion detection system types. Aanval's web-browser interface provides live auto-updating technology which provides real-time event viewing and system/sensor management from any Internet connected web-browser.
    We are testing it now, it's a little buggie but they are working on it. Other than that, its quite nice, lots of pretty good features.

    Have a look:


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    Heh, I read that title on the front page and the first thing I thought was "WTF are people doing talking bout LSD on here?!?!?!"
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    Since this thread was dredged up outta the graveyard, there is a project up now called BASE which is a fork of ACID that is currently being maintained. If you have any comments/questions drop by the mailling list. Its site is at http://secureideas.sourceforge.net.
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    I believe it was "dredged up outa the graveyard" because aanval was telling us of his release of a new version (although dredging up 1 thread should be enough )


    Thanks aanval, I'm interested to see how its coming along.

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    Funny... but by the subject line I thought this thread was going to go down an entirely different path
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    I use and like Aanval for the networks I protect. I use puresecure at home because of the license. Kinda pricy for the dot com er


    PS- I have never been able to get the audio alerts to work in aanval. If any has had any success, please let me know.

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