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Thread: Security Risk?!

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    Security Risk?!

    Well the other night I was laying in bed and my girl had fallen asleep (after some crazy fun) and I was drifting off to sleep watching the Discovery Channel. Well I might have been falling asleep but one thing I remember before falling asleep is a documentary on a airplane forensics team. Their job is to basically duplicate the information that was happening to the plane (weather conditions and so forth) at the time of the accident or whatever happened to the plane. Well the interesting part of the documentary was how the airplanes can fly on INS or INC I am not sure of the actual acronym.

    So anyway when a plane is switched onto INS or INC it receives all its flight information (stats and so forth) from a beacon on the ground. These beacons direct the plane from beacon to beacon so that the plane can get to the destination. I was watching this a realized that this could be a huge security risk.

    One has to wonder what security they use and how these "beacons" are set up.

    I just thought this was rather scary and am wondering the possibilities of a terrorist act being carried out like this.

    I am not endorsing hacking or anything of the likes. I am not saying to try to hack these things all I was just putting this up for discussion cause it affects all passengers on airliners.

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    i reackon the ancroym means something like instrument navigation system. Theres a similar system on runways as planes are rarely taken off or landed manually something like 1/10 is it done manually. That system is called ILS (instrument landing system),

    Ive never thought about it but i suppose theres some fail safe in there like checksums or something as these things contain height details, but the pilot will always have control of the plane and theres a naviagtor on board who i assume checks stuff. In bad weather if there arent checks and stuff there could be series consequences.

    theres also GPS, but this can be jammed in a smallish area, check phrack.


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    It been a while since Airplane are control by software that get information from the ground. But those software can always turn off by the pilot.
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