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Thread: Hard disk failure

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    Hard disk failure

    (Precious problem in 'Windows upgrade Failure')

    I would like to know what are the possible causes of hard disk failure after an OS upgrade.
    Besides the need of RAM.
    I have recalled recently that I have seen a lot of 'old' computers; mainly computers that barely surpass the 'the recommended specs' for a given OS work fine. Slow but fine.
    I have a P4 1.8 256 RAM, most of the people I have consulted says that my computer should run Windows XP without problems, since the minimum requirement according to 070-270 is hardly 300 mhz and 128 RAM I am puzzled by the hard disk failure.
    When downgraded form the previous OS (Win2k) it was working perfect again. I have tried several time to upgrade ti to Windows XP, but after a few reboots, the hard disk fails.
    Now, I would not like to replace the hard disk needlessly since it works fine with win2k, if anywone could pinpoint the problem, or perhaps give advice please do.

    thank you

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    Where did you get this XP upgrade if it is a cracked version that maybe a reason?

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    Yeah thats right........I said It!

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    NO, Its the company cd, licensed already. Each administrator receives one.
    Oh and by the way, I'm the only one at work having this problem, so it is assured it is not the windows cd, but my system.

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    Check your RAM sticks to see if one might be going bad. A memory stick on its last leg can cause wierd stuff like that to happen.

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    I will go with AK, in that RAM could be the problem. Win2K is less demanding than XP in that respect, so may not provoke the problem.

    OK I will be all "rude and nasty" I would seriously upgrade memory to 512Mb BEFORE upgrading the OS to XP............that is because I have this inbuilt "cover my a$$" utility.............like I know what user reactions are when you "upgrade" their machines, and they run like a dog afterwards

    Another thing to try is to get the diagnosis tools from the HDD manufacturer and check the drive. That will at least eliminate it from the possible causes.


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