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    New worm out there... doesn't seem like that big of a deal but I've already heard one person say it hit there network 5 hours after release.

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    Great another mass mailer. But wasn't there some one here recently complaining about a process WINWORD.EXE running and didn't have office installed. or am I thinking of someone from my office.

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    Hi spamdies,

    I don't recall seeing that here, and it does sound very suspicious. However, I do recall a long time ago M$ had some freeware programs that let you read word documents and excel spreadsheets, so it might just be possible?

    It was a long time ago and I cannot remember the names of the executables, sorry. Obviously, you would have had to have loaded them, but if you inherit a machine, someone else might have done it?

    The way to find out would be to copy a .doc file onto a floppy, flip the "write protect" slider, open it in explorer and double click the .doc. If it opens in a read only version of word, you have the freeware, if it doesn't you have malware, and if you get a write error message you have a virus.

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