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Thread: i just want to flash my BIOS and wanna backup my copy..of BIOS...

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    i just want to flash my BIOS and wanna backup my copy..of BIOS...

    hey any one plz help me flashing my BIOS.... well i want to backup my present copy also....! well is there anygood link explaining the whole process? waiting a reply soon.....!

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    Hello, fatal_err0r,

    And welcome to AO

    I hope that your choice of name is not "apophycral" (prophetic...........seeing the future?) as I would not recommend flashing BIOS unless absolutely neccessary.

    What makes you want to do this?...........remember that if it goes wrong, you will NOT be able to recover........

    Perhaps I could help more if you told me:

    1. Your machine make....well the motherboard at least
    2. Your BIOS type (Award, AMI etc?)
    3. Why you want to flash your BIOS?

    There is a serious risk with flashing BIOS, and you really need to know what you are doing...........it is not just like installing a video card or whatever!........Albn is quite correct, and if you read that article you will understand.

    If you have a "brand name" machine like IBM, HP, Compaq etc, you should only use what is on their site, for example.

    Take care

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    try the website for the manufacturer of your system or motherboard (ie...award bios has it's own flash utility that should be used.)
    Make sure you back up your current bios....just incase.

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    Good MB brands provide use to provide this function on "flash process":

    - copy current flash
    - flash new BIOS
    - provide some way to recovery in case of failure
    Be aware that bios backup is useless if MB doesnt provide anyway to boot with an "emergency bios". If you damage BIOS during flash and MB dies, you will be in trouble.
    Some brands have a "dual" flash, that can be used for "re-flash" the primary one in case of failure.

    I also only recommend flashing bios if you do have a problem with the current one.
    If manufacturer had posted a new bios but you have no problem with the current, keep it.
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