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Thread: Bmw Wifi?

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    Post Bmw Wifi?

    Just new to the forums and came across the Wireless section. I do not really know if you guys discuss war driving or not, but here goes. I usually play around locally where I live and have a great understanding of wireless networks in my town. Heh small town and there are over 400+ wireless netowrks! One day driving down a street with limited activity, I noticed an encrypted signal come and go real quick, so I look at the name and its something along the lines of BMWUSA_rftest. I am almost positive thats what it was, stupid me doesn't record it. At the time that I recorded the signal, I tell my friend and he says that a BMW just drove by. So being sort of intrigued by that we drove up and down the street several times, only to no eval(we even walked around!)

    So my only conclusion is that the BMW had some form of wireless in that car. I did a little research and this proved to be interesting. http://www.corante.com/importance/archives/004876.html

    Something about WiFi stereo's in cars and being able to transfer mp3's to and from your laptop via a wireless connection.

    So if anyone else sees a connection like that pop up on their scanner...let me know I have never seen anything like that before.

    On a side note, hopefully tonite I will be hitting up some BMW dealerships in lieu of getting another signal...only this time I'll be sure to record the exact device name.

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    You stumbled across a test case for BMWs executive line targeted at hi-flyers I suspect.

    They are designed with a wi-fi network in the back of the car and blutooth is also thrown in. Target market is politicians and executives with chauffers. The wi-fi network is connected via a GPRS gateway all built in for the l337. I didn't even think they are selling them yet?

    Cool find.
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    speaking of war driving, can anybody give me a site that can tell me how to build a a divice to increase my wireless signal, i have a friend who has made somthing that can detect a network from about 2 1/2 miles away...... i belieave he was able to amplify his signal (thats kinda ovious) i just want to experiment a little....

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    try an Antena. Netstumbler will scan for them. Check into wi-max as well..they say range can be as great as 30 Miles.

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    Check out the following web site: http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/has.html
    Then go have fun.
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    WOW a BMW with WIFI now thats a car. LOL So they are sellin em now....someting to save up for.

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