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    The problem with their mail option is the fact that with every sig update (Vet or InoculateIT), they rescan all the mail. This is hardcore for the CPU/Memory so the sig update must only be do once a day.
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    SDK I was thinking of the inability of CA to scan some double zipped files for example - but this is common to several AV solutions... don't think its an issue for AVG though funnily enough. I never ran into the problem of CPU load on rescanning all email though as I wasn't using it in a corporate environment but yeah I can see how that would be a problem

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    Hey Hey,

    I have never installed eTrust on a personal machine for a few reasons, mostly because it's a piece of **** (IMO).... Although I'd say the same thing about McAfee... even Norton lately seems to be slipping. I trust AVG...It's reliable, has constant updates and you can't beat the price range.

    We use eTrust at the college and viruses pass through here all the time, they were just hit by another the other day... and these are machines that are kept completley up to date... As far as McAfee and Norton... I've had to clean a few machines with updated McAfee and they still had anywhere from 200-3700 viruses on them. Recently I've had a few buddies who run Norton and they've also been hit by viruses... I've never had a problem with AVG... We have liscense for Residence students for eTrust and we have a CD with AVG... we use AVG because it's proven itself more reliable.

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