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    The quota for the survey has been filled thus the pop up is now gone.
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    just to add another viewpoint to this....

    Im currently using Firefox 0.9 on WinME with only the default popup blocking offered by Firefox...and have gotten zero popup ads from AO.

    When I get my other box up, Ill check and see if there are any on there...but so far...it looks like someone has some new adware running..

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    or you have an anti-ad software?
    I dont have any installed here. The only "odd" software i have installed here is IE Windows Maximizer. Everything else looks regular.
    might wanna read my first post... FF i.e. firefox v0.92 - yes it has a built in popup blocker.... IE 6 with google toolbar - yes, pop up blocker, IE 5.5 no google toolbar - no popup blocker... the last of these was on win98 so this should have been affected... however I believe horses last post answers my query anyway - cheers horse
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    Since TheHorse posted this I will clarify what has happened.

    AO is part of a larger organization known as Jupitermedia. Jupitermedia is fairly large and like to get viewpoints on what works and what doesn't. This means doing surveys. Asking for input in a thread leads to the potential of straying or thread hijacking and thus can't really get much out of it. That said, much like other organizations, they will use online surveys -- with the appeal of financial gain, specifically in this case the chance to win $500 -- as a method of getting information. Once enough people sign up to do the survey, it disappears. There is no spyware included with it. It is simply a survey (albeit a tad cheesy -- I've put in a suggestion as to how to do this without being so cheesy -- maybe cheesy works!?).

    These surveys are sometimes run (rarely however -- I think this is the 2nd time in a year or so that this might have happened?). So it wasn't anything malicious. Cheesy? Maybe. Annoying? Possibly. Harmless? Definately.

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    No popups on Firefox. I just hopped on my no-ad-blocking-whatsoever IE, and still nothing. So, all clear this direction.

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    Like hell it's stopped. I just got one like ten seconds ago. Oh well.

    Damnit I am going to have to remember to install the google toolbar on all boxes I use.

    As a side note, it only took about ten seconds to do the survey.

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    As a note I got about three of them earlier this afternoon..... As is my habit I clicked them "closed" so quickly I didn't even think about where they actually came from.

    Yes, I had my P-up stopper off..... but they seemed to be pop-unders because they were there when I minimized everything.

    Whatever.... they are hardly annoying..... But if JupM is reading this..... Let's not make a habit of it here.... Ok?


    Just got one there.... as I posted this message.....

    Hey, JupM, If you want me to respond to something email me referencing my membership to this site, tell me how valuable you feel my input would be, tell me the reason for the survey and I might answer. Like many people, especially those here, I don't respond to silly little cartoons that jump out at me.... I close them. If you want a _quality_ response, use a quality vehicle to elicit one......

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    Same, never had any popups ever, except for PM messages. Used FF, Mozilla on my RH 9 box, IE at work w/ no blocker, etc...
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    No adware as I suspected. And BTW... the pop ups are not consistent, they seem to be random or time related. Maybe some cookie forensics are in order? I'm checkin out what happens with cookies off...and sources too.

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    i was on earlier today when you guys posted this. right around when the thread started and i've recieved no popups, and im on firefox. im prolly beatin a dead horse but still thought'd id give my input, plus it was around when soda posted.
    totured spirit: interesting combo, firefox with win me. not sayin its bad or nothin, just never thought someone who uses firefox would use winme.

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