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Thread: Stop the Pop Ups

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    Stop the Pop Ups

    I think we should let our opinions be known before JupM begins selling our emails addresses and implements other marketing strategies other than harmless banners.

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    I didnt recieve any pop-ups ? Maybe cuz im using firefox. let me open AO in IE....

    still no pop-ups, let's disable the pop-blocking google toolbar

    still no pop-ups....lesson from post, dont use IE, and if u use it, use a toolbar

    btw: Soda, i used to ahve pop ups when i came to AO once, turned out to be spyware ....

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    In answer to both threads about this.....I haven't received any pop-ups or pop-unders.
    Of course I use Firefox (latest release) and Proxomitron, so it would be unlikely for any to get through.
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    I have no adware on this box. I got the pop up in Fox and Kmeleon as well. It wasn't every time either, it was random on page loads and exits.

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    I think we should let our opinions be known before JupM begins selling our emails addresses and implements other marketing strategies other than harmless banners.
    Before you start panicking, you might want to read the Privacy Policy which is there to protect you. This "campaign" seems to be an overreaction to a single incident, IMHO.

    We do not collect and evaluate this information for specific individuals. Our Web servers do not automatically record e-mail addresses of the visitors.


    We maintain a strict "No-Spam" policy that means that we do not sell, rent, or otherwise give your e-mail address to a third-party, without your consent or as permitted by this Privacy Policy.
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    Hey Soda~

    You are a chosen one.............they never send me any pop ups........

    I do look at some of the Ads..........well that's what they are there for?..........it is in the AUP.......I am allowed......what are the pop ups about? like what do they advertise?

    That is a serious question, as I have never seen any...............nor have I had an invite to this conference room thingy.............maybe I smell?

    Chill bro

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    I wasn't expecting to be taken seriously :/.... I thought the "campaign" was funny!

    anyhooo... MsM I think jupM blocked my IP... I'll pm you.

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    I checked your profile, and everything seems fine, Soda... I can't imagine JUPM banning your IP, either

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    nihil- a small pop up with this image

    BTW- I don't use pop up blockers. I dont wan't symptoms of any sort of malware to be hidden. I want to know when my system is infected.

    And yeah, I can't access AO w/o using a proxy. And I am pretty sure I am clean of malware. Neg, I pm'ed you why I think I'm blocked.

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    I want to know when my system is infected
    Now thats logic.

    Rather than prevention. Cure.

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