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    about ur last questions
    how do i restore? what about the data?
    well i would recommend Ontrack Easyrecovery Datarecovery Pro It restored alot of my files when my HDD crashed ( altho it failed with picture files, mostly jpeg)... it's not free but did a good job with my HDD and my friends'

    Check it out here :
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    Something slightly different that could also work for some folks would be Deepfreeze. It makes an image of the hd and restores it to that point at restart. So one can install whatever then just reboot to undo it all. You can turn it off to make changes you want to keep. I like it because I can set up a box how I want it and then "freeze" it.

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    Maby a resotre point could hewrlp you to but taking an image is a good way to resotore to if you can copy it and image it right My friend here just said you can ghost it if that helps.

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