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Thread: High storage demands

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    High storage demands

    I'm working on a project that requires hosting with:

    DNS, domain name, php, mysql, ssl, and data storage starting at 1.25 GB with a average quarterly growth of 260 MB. Any suggestions for good, low cost hosts? I've been finding companies that are either badly reviewed or do not offer enough storage space.
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    If I remember correctly 1&1 gives that much, at a nice price. I would say check them out.

    Though, why not just host it yourself?

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    You'll probably be better off getting some other company to do DNS and Domain Name stuff. Usually when DNS and Hosting is tied together, I've just gotten crap.

    Checkout http://www.godaddy.com/ for your Domain Name and DNS stuff - they're part of BBBOnLine, so they have standards to meet. Although their website tries to sell you a bunch of crap, if you can figure out how to navigate it you'll be okay. I don't know about hosting from them, but my suggestions is don't have them host your website. Just Domain Name registration and maybe DNS.

    For DNS Hosting, I am using http://www.dnspark.com/ - they are also part of BBBOnLine. You get two free website DNS hosting things. So you can do DNS for your website after telling GoDaddy's thing to point ot DNSPark's servers. This is pretty easy to do. And since they are free for two websites, that's even cooler.

    After you have those two, simply look for a web host that gives you the PHP, MYSQL, SSL, and data storage. Then point DNSPark DNS entries to the web host that is hosting you, and you're set.

    Having everything seperated like this gives you an advantage when you decide that your web host is ripping you off, or you want something different. It is easy to switch the DNS to point to a new server -- something that is impossible if they are tied together.

    Or you can host yourself if you are allowed to, although I don't know what you need to do to get your own SSL certificate, or if that stuff is centrally managed or not... Good luck.

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