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Thread: CA or Symantec

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    CA or Symantec

    Hi all,
    I have been using Norton AV with Win XP for a few years now, works great but I'll have to admit it is a resource hog. My subscription has expeired and I have been looking into switching to CA's eTrust ez AV. Which claims to be less of a resource hog and annual renewal is a bit cheaper, but is it as good a Norton? Can anybody give me their opinions on both AV's?



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    For personal use use AntiVir .... The renewal price is better.... $0...
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    Comments made in this thread:


    may provide some insight.


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    For personal use, I would not use Norton..........it is a resource hog, and a source of conflicts........I quite like McAfee and PC-cillin.

    On the other hand I also use AVG and e-Trust............they are free at the moment...............you might think about running Trend Micro's "housecall" or the Panda equivalent once a week........they are free online scanners.

    I would also suggest going to http://www.diamondcs.com.au and getting RegistryProt and also:


    and then again:

    http://digilander.libero.it/zancart for Winsonar

    Please excuse my paranoia.................

    Probably the best pay for AVs are Kaspersky and F-Secure...............they use the same engine

    just my thoughts

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    kinda of "personal" preference
    I prefere mcafee
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    Well, let's forget my humble little thread then and stick with this one, it's raising my curiosity. Kepersky...I've heard that one raved about here more than once, and I've never heard anything negative. Does anyone not like Kapersky, or is it indeed the top-of-the-rock stuff I'm hearing?

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    To be quite honest I have lost a lot of faith in the big commercial AV vendors in recent months/years. With so many lightweight, efficient, free AV solutions out there that are quick to provide sigs I have started to move away from the "big boys". Things like uninstalling the trial of Norton that comes with new laptops leaves a .dll that gets called by something seemingly randomly that blue screens XP are the kinds of things that have caused this withdrawal from the mainstream.

    Granted, I still use NAV for Exchange but that is more a product of the somewhat delicate Exchange structure and the lack of lightweight products designed to operate properly with it.

    Other than that I use/recommend a combination or AntiVir or BitDefender for desktop protection. They are small, efficient, they don't hog the system, they update themselves well, they don't seem to miss any more infections than the "big boys" and they are free..... 'nuff said?
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    I hate Norton because of how easy it is to exploit it, and the RAM usage.

    I hate McAffee because they moved their buisness direction from helping people, to scaring them into purchasing more products.

    I refuse to use AVG because the product looks like it belongs in the windows 95 OS, and has about the same limited and "you know it works, but never seem to fully trust it" mentality.

    I have an okay relationship with Symatec because of their online virus scanning ability.

    I -adore- and only ever install for -anyone- Avast antivirus scanner. It does p2p scanning, outgoing/incoming mail scanning, outlook scanning, exchange server scanning, IMAP scanning, pm client (trillian, gaim, msn, aim, etc etc) file scanning, brower scanning, system continual scanning, program execution scanning. And it's $0 for home users. Do I also need to mention that they also have a linux-ready version?

    And it's lightweight. Fsck this, just go try it.


    To me, the rest of the free scanners honestly feel 'free' to me. Usually very very limited and with updates a week or so behind their non free versions. Avast is as up to date as their 'for profit' (I say that because you only have to pay for it if you are a buisness, home users are ALWAYS free) programs and the configuration/usage of the scanner has never once let me or my clients down,

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    I used to use Avast! and it worked for me well, but I switched to AVG after reading an comparison study Virus Bulletin (www.virusbtn.com) ran in which Avast! failed it's tests, while AVG passed with flying colors. It was Negative who pointed that out to me when I started a thread on Avast! not all that long ago (should come up in a quick search of AO).

    I never had any problems with it myself though.

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    As mentioned, TrendMicro's "HouseCall" is an excellent online A/V scanner that you should run once a week. I run it alongside my current A/V software just to make sure nothing goes undetected. Call it "Plan B" or another opinion.
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