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Thread: Domain Logons Slow Clients Take 10 Mins Help!

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    Domain Logons Slow Clients Take 10 Mins Help!

    I have a Windows Server 2003 VALID and i have 2 clients. The server has 2 850 Mhz Zeon Processors and 2.5 gigs of ram. The server is quick. Yet when my Windows XP Pro Clients logon it takes them up to 10 minutes to logon. I have no scripts or anything running at start. And my Network is 10/100. Can any one help me speed it up?
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    more info please...

    Is the server local? I take it you are running AD? whare the accounts? Domain admins local users? How is this all connected switch? router? Do you have broadband? Are you sure these machines are free of spyware/virus?
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    Are these users connecting over a VPN?

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    Dns Problem? Are you DNS zone correctly? Did it ever work fast before?
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    DNS or WINS misconfigurations would be my first thought. As SDK alluded too, I'd check your DNS configurations and make sure everything is in place there.

    I had a similar problem when we upgrading to Windows 2000 Server - our Win98 boxes sometimes wouldn't logon at all or would take an extremely long to time do so. Turns out it was a WINS issue.

    Check this simple Google search, dig through some of the links and see what you might can find there: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...2003+server%22
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    do you have roaming profiles enabled??
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    Like djscribble said, roaming profile with an out of control (size wise) profile would be my first guess... Have they been saving many or huge documents on their desktops?
    Applying too many group policies (overlaping many diffrent GP files) could cause similar problems too but in a lesser way...

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    Soooooo many things could be causing network slowness. Especially at logon.

    How many machines are in the broadcast domain? This may be something easily fixed with vlans

    Are the xp machines new? Are you using Cisco switches? try adding "spanning-tree portfast" to a couple of ports then reboot the computers plugged into those ports. We had a problem where NIC's were being fully initialized at bootstrap before the switch would recognize there was a connection. Not running the full ST for every machine on the network helps that a lot. (Incedentally, Foundry switches have a portfast type feature enabled by default)

    DNS is an obvious spot to look...(as has been mentioned) try adding the fqdn and the correct ip address to a host file on a couple of boxes and see how login works then.

    You could have corrupted ARP caches somewhere.

    I don't know a whole lot about AD, but in EDIR misconfigured SLP can wreak havoc on logins. I'm sure there has to be something similar to that in AD.

    Native IPv6 being enabled on a linux box can cause massive DNS issues.....maybe the same thing is happening with you?

    I'd stick a packet sniffer on a span port connected to that server and see what kind of traffic you are getting. Ethereal can tell you volumes about your network.

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    Originally posted here by djscribble
    do you have roaming profiles enabled??
    yeap use to be the problem.
    quick troubleshoot:
    - create a brand new user
    - logon at station
    - if it is faster, other users may have a huge quantity of files on profile (maybe user documents are inside profile?)
    - if its slow as others, go thru other script posted here
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    I had this same problem on my first 2000 AD setup. DNS is very possibly the cause. On the clients make sure their first DNS server is a local server (most likely your 2k server) and not an internet server. I did this and the clients logged in without waiting for the timeout to occur.

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