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    Post wireless access point

    i realize that my pubic library have wirleless routers install throughout the building. So instead of waiting in line to get on their computers. What are some basic technical know-hows as a user to access their connection?

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    Simplily ask the librarian what they are using, 802.11a,b or g. Most likely, they are using b, as it is the most common one avalible right now. Then buy a comprable pci card for you laptop.
    If it is an open access point then your computer will connect and authorize you automatically. If they are useing wep, or any kind of encryption, then you will have to ask them permission to connect to their network, and they will provide you with the encryption key.

    Most libraries that make use of a WAP are open connection and are free to use for their clients.
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    If the Library had open WAP as a service, then that service would be advertised and you would not have to wait in line for access to a PC, if you had a wireless card. The original post here sounds like a "How can I get Internet access for free by exploiting the library?" as opposed to a security observation or question.
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    As moxnix said, "Ask the librarian". This way you know you have permission and it'll be legit. As always you should never access a network you do not have permission to access.....or something like that

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    i know the other day i was walking down the street in milwaukee and i saw that all the sudden my PDA was picking up a wireless signal, upon further investigation, i realized that it was the library's wireless signal (i was across the street so it didn't dawn on me right away) many libraries are completely open, just turn on your laptop or whatever. iirc some libraries get a grant to provide public internet access to the community that they are in... i think it has something to do with the people who cant afford a computer... if the library does have encryption, i would reccomend you NOT try to break in since the library is most likely a government (city) owned building, penalties would be worse than if you hacked into a home owner's wireless network or even a businesses...
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