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Thread: The Proper Usage of GCC

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    ...and I thought this thread was about the compiler.
    Wouldnt that go into the Porgramming Forum
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    lol, i thought this might be a tut on using the gcc compiler too

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    Originally posted here by slinky2004
    lol, i thought this might be a tut on using the gcc compiler too
    This is so retarded and redundant...but I thought the same thing. I should know by now not to get my hopes up.

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    OH man! I was so happy after reading the title, only to find it vanish away when I read the actual post! I have been in tourble with GCC (THE GNU C COMPILER) since some days. I thought I owuld get help over that! but.... I am speechless!
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    Given that this thread is 2.5 years old and going nowhere I shall close it

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