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Thread: The Proper Usage of GCC

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    Ok. I do have one question: how will this be enforced short of censorship by myself and/or Negative? Are the members going to point it out to others or completely ignore threads that "don't belong"?
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    Well, I don't think I'm in a position to answer that, so I'd say it's up to you and Neg. However, I've said before that if we'd indeed ignore such threads they would very quickly die out on their own.

    The problem is we just can't resist responding to stupid posts. But remember, a stupid one-post thread will fall off the forums very, very quickly. We need to get in the habit of practicing that.

    Take Tidal's four now-closed threads for instance. Had no one responded to his first drunken smiley post, where would those threads be now? Dead, and about to fall off the page, with no hassle at all.

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    Instead it turned into a flame war that got him banned. He even negged me b4 he was banned...gives me the impression that he went crazy. (It was only 1 or 2 points *max* so I'm not even complaining...it really was kinda funny).

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    Censorship vs Free-speech, this is not something mod usually want to get into it. It's kind of running after problem. Users should know that..

    Even Senior doesn't even bother to neg those thread. If the Senior start negging the thread, then probably the mod will follow.
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    Maybe you could have three strikes you're out, also enforced by the mods???
    three strikes...man we wouldnt have many users then at all, thats a dumb idea

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    He even negged me b4 he was banned...gives me the impression that he went crazy.
    Copy that. Pretty lame kiddish way to "go out". Sad when these sort of crazy happening's go on but let's all move on now.
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    Mods can delete posts, yet they choose not to, so they can satisfy their curiosity???
    First you act like a dumbass, get banned and now you come back and you start preaching. Was it that time of the month for you?

    No mod do not choose to "NOT" delete posts to satisfy their curiousity...some posts need to be governed by the members themselves...and we do a decent job at it. The mods are not our baby sitters, and they cannot be everywhere all the time. If a thread is bad enough, it will get negged to death and thats the end of it...some threads are stupid...according to whom? Some people enjoyed the NTS and some didn't...big deal. Losing your sleep over it is even worse....seek help.

    Doesn't make sense to have the mods who pick and choose what they see as a post to be
    deleted, and a post that they can sit and watch the fireworks/neggs/bannings.
    It makes perfect sense...they DO close threads that are neg magnets...and they DO close threads and merge them together if members double post or whatever. Some threads turn into flame wars because a member all of the sudden remembers that he's an idiot and starts acting like one...hence the flame wars and the negs that fly their way.

    Maybe you could have three strikes you're out, also enforced by the mods???
    How many strikes do you have?

    I think that the mods should show a lot more responsibility for the standard of posts here and
    in other forums and earn the respect that is obviously lacking from some here.
    You were given the power of Antipoints...use it responsibly. Have u noticed how many mods we have around...again, they cannot possibly babysit every single thread.


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    My take:

    Make GCC a site benefit, as per custom avatars etc.
    Perhaps 100 posts BEFORE right of entry ?
    At least this way the member will have had to post in the security forums, and so the other members will have SOME idea of their character.

    As stated previously, making the GCC so that there is no post count, told it is 'difficult' not impossible, give them time.

    Remember: we are only human, with all that entails vis a vie stupidity, arrogance and an incredibly high expectation of every one else to do there bit, whilst we sit back and do zip........

    Maybe even re-evaluate the admission levels to Addict / Senior, perhaps 400 addict, 600 senior ?
    Assign other site benefits to those that reach these 'heights' akin to the custom title affair within the senior ranks at present............

    Basically, get the site back to what it IS, not what it WAS.
    Here we have an assembly of people who are prepared to assist others in their times of woe, and who do it for no more reward than a shiny gif over their name..........(works for me)

    we need to capitalise on this good will, and forget about the in-fights that will occour everywhere as these will peter out.

    And hopefully those of us who are left standing, will be able to make it to the UK addicts Xmas do j/k

    short version: I believe that the site will progress from strength to strength, and that those who wish to cause problems will leave or be banned, even if they return, they will never remain in the forum as long as they indulge in stupidity for no reason. And so, when they finally stop arseing around, they will become what we ALL wish to be: A respected member of a respected forum.

    Jeez, that was the short version, apologies for the rant, but this site has A LOT going for it.

    Now I NEED a

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    gcc -o progname progname.c

    I have to agree with those opinions stating that GCC should be used to allow people to get a better understanding of each other aside from a professional, security point of view. Discussions here, although not as controversial as those that might arise in Cosmos, allow for members to present opinions about anything Life. Sure it's smalltalk but it's a good way to start knowing more about others and be able to initiate links with other members [much as IRC can do too].

    As well, I acknowledge the fact that sometimes GCC is used to blow off some steam, but that doesn't necessarily mean threads started in such moods should/are dumb or pointless.

    Because AO is a 'democratic' forum for the most part it doesn't work out too easily to censor information [that does go against what I believe to be many members' personal views on how information should be handled in general]. But closing threads is acceptable and needed. Ignorance [in replies] to those threads that are below any user's dignity should be the easiest policy to adopt. If you see an obviously dumb thread, there's nothing one can do to lift it out of its misery. By posting in such threads you're almost sinking yourself in the same pile of crap as the original poster or whoever took the thread below an acceptable IQ. While I am aware that most users are not free of guilt when it comes to posting in dumb threads [and I know I have replied to some useless threads in the past] I think it should be a 'user-movement' to not answer such threads.

    When it comes to newbies maybe some direction should be given.. but really, read the FAQs and Stickies before posting, it's going to improve everybody's experience after those 10 minutes max it takes you to do so.

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    ...and I thought this thread was about the compiler.

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