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Thread: strange mail

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    Post strange mail

    i got a junk mail saying this


    From : System Anti-Virus Administrator <virus@mail.emigratus.com>
    Sent : Tuesday, July 20, 2004 3:13:03 PM
    To : tejaswyappalla@hotmail.com
    Subject : Disallowed attachment type found in sent message "Re: Movie document"

    | | Junk E-Mail | Inbox

    Attention: tejaswyappalla@hotmail.com

    A Disallowed attachment type was found in an Email message you sent.
    This Email scanner intercepted it and stopped the entire message
    reaching its destination.

    The Disallowed attachment type was reported to be:

    PIF files not allowed per Company security policy

    Please contact your I.T support personnel with any queries regarding this

    Your message was sent with the following envelope:

    MAIL FROM: tejaswyappalla@hotmail.com
    RCPT TO: shankar@informatic.com

    ... and with the following headers:

    MAILFROM: tejaswyappalla@hotmail.com
    Received: from unknown (HELO informatic.com) (
    by ihsystem-65-182-166-228.pugmarks.net with SMTP; 20 Jul 2004 15:12:59 -0000
    From: tejaswyappalla@hotmail.com
    To: shankar@informatic.com
    Subject: Re: Movie document
    Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 17:12:40 +0200
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
    X-Priority: 3
    X-MSMail-Priority: Normal


    the fact i never sent a mail to any body with this name
    what is this can you guys help out??

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    It's one of the many viruses which spoof's the from address. Your address got spoofed, your right, you never sent it.

    Don't worry about it.


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    so you say that i leave it alone !!
    doen't hotmail bother about that or can do anything about that
    spooky iwas about to sync hotmail with outlook

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