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Thread: Most secure & simpler type linux

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    Most secure & simpler type linux

    About 3 days ago my friend asked me to put mandrake linux on his comp because he was asking me if i knew a real easy way to keep him from being hacked so i had mandrake on my comp and he looked at it and wanted..... Not to smart it just made him look real dumb... lol
    But he asked me if there is a simple type linx easy to learn and real secure? I told him i think almost all linuxes are the same secure wise but i know some are way harder than others but i do not if there is a super secure and simple type linux??? Anybody no of 1 that may be downloadable of the linux website... that is a "real secure and will be simple to use" that is what he had asked me so any suggestions very greatful... TY

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    I would have him try knoppix to see if he really likes it you can download linux and other Unix like O.S's from www.linuxiso.org
    you will need a 700mb Cd in order to burn knoppix all the others will fit on a 650 mb cd but will usually span 3 cd's or less.

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    No OS can be secure if the user knows jack **** about it. Knoppix is a security distro but it can have some flaws, especially as it is meant to be run from a CD. I would recommend [offhand, as I have DLed it but didn't try it yet] Solaris 9 by Sun. The best idea is to lock the box completely at first, then allow processes to access the Internet as you learn more about the OS. Slack is also pretty secure, but again, if you don't know anything about it...

    Look at Gore's thread. I think it's a Sticky in this forum.

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    Mandrake is one of the easiest distro's to use, if its too much then he needs patience and a few hours of reading.
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