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Thread: Ipod virus???

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    Ipod virus???

    Some weird thing has happened to my ipod it has like got a virus or something i am not sure if it is from my comp because i had put the music on my Ipod when norton was not yet installed on my system because i had just recently wiped my hard drive but my Ipod like randomly skips songs, the screen blinks, some time it splits or flips everything upside down, and words like fade away so i am not sure if my Ipod is like just broke or if any one has herd of a virus on one before? TY

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    I highly doubt there is a virus for it. sounds like your ipod is about to take a shitter Kevin rose had that problem with his ipod on the show The Screen Savers. You could try a few of these solutions
    Here is a site that has a bunch of ipod questions and answers

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    Yea, i agree with deadaddict, i havent heard of any viruses that infect ipods lol, but im not too sure if there is or not, but i highly doubt it...maybe its just because you didnt treat you ipod carefully and its malfunctioning.


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    Kevin's iPod had a slight hiccup. The index file was wiped, all of the songs were there, just the file that lists them all was deleted. Try wiping it again or try another battery pack, your's might be having a problem keeping a charge (I had a Palm Pilot like that). You may even need to send it back if it's still under warranty.

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    dosn't look to good

    let's just hope you have the warrenty. But DeadAddict could be right though. Good luck
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    The index file was wiped
    right on target.
    thats it .no virus for ipod ,look all over the net

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    I am using iPOD one year now. This problem befallen me too, to solve it. I deleted all the songs, Be sure to have all your songs on your HDD, including the main index, and then i just uploaded the songs again.

    Something I am really sure of "No Viruses"

    N.B: Please don't rely on my solution as i am not sure of its occuracy.

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