I was out to dinner tonight and afterwards I stopped at borders to pick up my summer copy of 2600.

I'm a regular reader of 2600 but have only been reading it for the past 5 years or so.

Imagine my surprise when I see another periodical called Blacklisted 411 .

I had never seen it before and there was only one copy left.

I leaped over and snatched it right out from in front of someone... he then looked at me... then I snatched 2600. The guy was rather surprised... and I would be too... I was rude. I didn't say excuse me or anything... that is very unlike me. I later saw him at the checkout with 2600... Ah well... thats not why I'm posting this.

I have only dug through the first couple of pages of this periodical. They have been around for quite sometime, but this is the first time I've ever seen it or even heard of it.

I've never been in the "underground scene" and just got interested in security as a hobby.
Its since grown from a hobby to an obsession... I love it. I just have "strong ethics"... IMO.

Phrack is one I know of and read. I just haven't read over all the "outdated" zines.


How long have they been publishing this (paper copy)?
Why have I never heard of them?
In your opinion... is it better than 2600?

What other e-zines or periodicals do you regularly read?

Ah... and excuse this n00b post. Yes.. I'm still a n00b in many ways.