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Thread: Avatar problem

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    Avatar problem

    I had just went to a website called "www.badassbuddy.com" trying to get an avatar for my acount the only way i could think of was to save pic and then browse and it work from there but it said something was wrong... Any one got same problem? please help TY

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    Where did it say that some thing was wrong?

    If it was on 'AO' when you tried to up load it, then you have one that is either too large (64x64 pixals max) or too large as in too many bytes ( not sure what that limit is, but it says on the avatar upload utility).
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    Hmm I don't remember when the custom avatar benefit kicks in, but if you have it then check the picture dimensions as well as the file size.

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    On your site options page http://www.antionline.com/member.php...on=editoptions at the very bottom on the left hand side is the avatar creation utility to upload and resize your avatar you need 10 posts or more to earn this benefit.

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    Oh Dear.............
    Another one that doesn't read the available information, they just ask for the answer.......

    Use custom avatar
    Note: the maximum size of your custom image is 64 by 64 pixels or 20000 bytes (whichever is smaller).
    Avatar Creation Utility

    AND it was only YESTERDAY that the above thread was posted AND made sticky

    (STICKY ?)

    Try and fix it / sort it FIRST, don't just run for cover at the frist sign of trouble.
    This applies to ALL aspects of AO / IT, not just the damn avatars.

    OOps ............ seem to have started to rant.............. / me heads to fridge
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    Amen to custom avatars

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    Stop bringing up old threads when you have nothing to add to them.
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