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Thread: Top 10 newest members Gone?

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    Top 10 newest members Gone?

    Just logged in and noticed that the Top 10 newest member thingy on the main page has seemed to dissapeared..
    Noticed that all the other Top 10 list's are still in tact, just wondering if it was removed for a reason?
    Or have i found a Bug...


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    mnstrgrl may be working on a request to change what's viewed in that section. It's probably related to this discussion
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    Ok thanks MsMitens, Just thought that something was happening and i thought that i'd ask...


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    MsM is correct, 10 newest members list was removed when I added the other tutorials writers list. I intend to create a site stats page sometime soon where additional such lists can go, so we don't have to either clutter the home page or remove lists to make room for new ones.

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