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    I agree the OS is as secure as the user makes it. I have windows XP and Peanut linux. My XP is probably as secure is my Peanut.
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    whereas 2k was based on a mixture of 98 and NT4 source code.
    Yeah, moreso on NT4 though. Gotta love the code for it though and how it was built into Win2k.

    (it uses the FreeBSD IPstack)
    Wow, never knew that. Thanks pooh

    Of course, that's just my studies and research
    If I haven't said it once, I'll say it again: Pooh, your a Window's Wizard .
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    Yah i am sure they still have it 100% sure it is just more secure so it is harder to find.

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    pooh( really you are a win geek)
    you done your own stability test ,like how do you do your own stability tests , would you mind sharing the knowledge with AO members

    see for those who move from 98 to xp they find the change drastic , they do not get very comfotable in xp , like me , i was some what vey incomfortanle with the visul appearence once i moed from 98 to xp ,it seems to much sophistecated for me, i duno about you , but the people who went to xp right from the begginning they have no troubles,i know 98 like the back of my hand i cannot say any thing about me or 2000 and the predecers , i felt very comfortable in 2000 as i knew (atleast had an idea )what was going , it still had the 98 touch in it , noww going from 2000 to xp i'll not be as uncomfortable as i was when i moved from 98 to XP
    won't you agree

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    I could probably say I know Win98 and WinMe like the back of my hand. I'm slowly learning OpenBSD like the back of my hand as well, but I'm gradually learning the in's and out's of that OS. It's alway's good to dig deep and learn as much as possible about an OS and how it work's, why, etc.
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