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    Arrow network places icon

    ya thanx for your answers to my previous post ,ive one more quiery to make

    see ive pc which runs alone ,i mean to say not ina network ,rite, i recently installed win 2000,and there after i get a icon stating my network places, could you be kind enough to tell me how to kind rid of the nagging icon (i like my desk top neat and clean , only two icons my computer and the recycle bin ) possible a registry edit.

    thanx for your kindness

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    Right click on desktop, properties, in desktop tab, click customize. Uncheck network places.

    I'm not 100% sure this will work cuz I am on XP, but it should be something like that.
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    Just right click on your desktop highlight active desktop and uncheck the option Show desktop icons and that will remove all icons from the desktop.

    Forgot about this program called Tweakui

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    but like i wanted to remove only the network neighborvhood icon not all, can you sugggest any thing for that ....

    and grunt ,thanx for your intrest that tip you gave ,din work in 2000 any more bright ideas


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    Hey Check out the link DeadAddict gave you ....Download the Tweak UI ...it has the option to Hide Default Icons From Desktop ....In the Desktop Tab Uncheck the Icon you do not wish to display

    --Good Luck--

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    hey i checked it out but the it won't install, it say ,

    tweak ui must run form control panel
    click yes to install

    i click and nothing happens, but it works fine in 98,its having problems in 2000
    any new gright ideas

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    Please follow these instructions to the letter:

    Delete what you have downloaded and download a fresh copy THEN

    TweakUI Windows XP
    This program gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.

    Download TweakUI for Windows XP

    TweakUI 1.33 for Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000
    TweakUI (short for Tweak the User Interface) is a very useful program that Microsoft has written.

    With the Tweak UI 1.33 update, you can adjust your Windows User Interface, including menu speed, window animation, automatic logon, several privacy settings and Microsoft Internet Explorer. TweakUI is available from the system Control Panel, just right click on the .INF file and select "install" (installation instructions)

    If you have any questions about any of these programs, please write to us at brian@systemsmedic.com

    Download TweakUI using the link below or visit our Shareware Page.

    Download TweakUI 1.33 for Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000

    Installation of TweakUI v1.33:
    1. Extract all of the files to a folder on your Hard Disk Drive (for example, C:\TweakUI)

    2. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder that you extracted the files to and right click the 'inf' file (this is the file that looks like a spiral ring notebook with a yellow seal on the bottom right hand corner). When you right click the inf file, a context menu will appear that has an item called 'install'.

    3. Click the 'install' option from the context menu and follow the directions on the screen.

    4. If the installation program asks for the installation disks or files, then point the program to the folder which you extracted the files to.

    Uninstalling TweakUI v1.33
    The normal method for uninstalling TweakUI is to use the Add/Remove Program applet in the Control Panel. If for some reason this does not work, you may need to manually uninstall it using the following:

    Search ALL your local drives/partitions and delete ALL TweakUI.* files from:

    %windir%\Help\TWEAKUI.GID [Hidden file]
    %windir%\System\TWEAKUI.CPL [Win9x/ME only]
    %windir%\System32\TWEAKUI.CPL [WinNT4/2000/XP only].

    Default %windir% folder is C:\Windows if using Win9x/2000/ME/XP or C:\Winnt if using WinNT4.

    Windows Explorer may not be able to "see" and/or delete TWEAKUI.GID unless you "strip" it of its Hidden (H) attribute first by running this command from any DOS prompt: ATTRIB -H %windir%\HELP\TWEAKUI.GID

    Make sure to delete also these 2 Registry String Values (if present) by using Regedit or Regedt32:

    "Tweak UI"="RUNDLL32.EXE TWEAKUI.CPL,TweakMeUp"


    "Tweak UI"="RUNDLL32.EXE TWEAKUI.CPL,TweakLogon"

    If ANY of these Registry Values are still present after deleting TWEAKUI.CPL, you will see this error dialog box next time you (re)start Windows:

    "RUNDLL Error loading TWEAKUI.CPL.
    The system cannot find the file specified."

    This way all TweakUI traces should be permanently erased from your computer.

    That should work.

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