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Thread: S&D Question

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    S&D Question

    When i run a S&D scan it always has to make something along the lines of a restore point but is it 100% safe to put it in advanced mode and skip the restore points and just wipe all spyware and adware with it....
    I was not sure because my best friend did it and he said he had ta format hard drive because every time he logged on it said he was missing a file and 3 other errors came up!
    Is this possible from doing this? TY

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    He formated the hard drive because of an error with S&D? I'm sure it was a small error (what you mentioned even sounds like it could easily have been fixed). S&D has that feature to allow user's to go back which make's it a decent spyware/adware tool (functionality wise). Personally I prefer adaware but to each his own, no?
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    Are you sure it was an error with Spybot? I have been using Spybot on over 100 computers for the last 2 years without a problem. The only time I have seen a problem with Spybot was when it was user inflicted. (User set Spybot to lock IE settings and did not know why he could not change them) In my experience Spybot is pretty safe to just run without the backup. However, if you want to be safe, always make a restore point.
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    Make a restore point for the first couple of times, then run it for a while without the back-up, as hopefully you will not have anything to clean out for a while................
    Then, say once a month ? run it with restore option / back-up.

    I've ran it for some time now, no problems, and, like others here I use it as part of the holy trinity.............SpyBot S+D, AdAware, Anti-Virus and a Firewall..........(I know that's four, but I dont know a cute way of saying four )
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    I agree with foxy, once you have run it a few times without a problem you should be safe to turn off the restore option. It never really hurts to leave it on, I don't believe it uses a significant amout of resources. I have recently been using Bazooka spyware scanner, although it doesn't auto-remove any found spy/adware items it does give you a detailed explanation on manually removing each one. I've found that Bazooka finds things that S&D and AdAware miss, and if you're obsessive like me you can run all three ocassionally... then you'll be hard-pressed to find a surviving piece of malware on your system :-D

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    Yes, if you want to be safe, just keep the last two, then you can go back if you need. Manually delete the older ones as they will not be much use to you IMHO. They are not dangerous as the stuff is quarantined.


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    WOW Your friend sucks...who formats a hard drive over a S&D error. ummm wow.

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