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Thread: SCO Sucks Balls

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    Red face SCO Sucks Balls


    It looks like SCO needs to pay back big.

    LINDON, Utah (DowJonesAP) SCO Group said it closed a buyback deal with disgruntled investor BayStar Capital under which SCO is to pay 2.1 million shares and $13 million in cash to the private equity firm.
    and they also lost the case with Chrysler:


    A Michigan court Wednesday dismissed most of the SCO Group's lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler Corp., in which SCO accused the German automaker of breaking the terms of its Unix System V licensing contract. SCO filed the suit in March after the automaker failed to respond to a December request from SCO for Unix licensees to re-certify the terms of their contracts.
    They might as well give it up. Linux belongs to us, not them, no matter how much they bitch. SCO sucks balls.

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    No they won't give up, the only chance for their CEO[s] to make money is to suck as much as possible now... most people have dumped their *nix systems so unless for support they won't be functioning as much else... they lost the real game of OSes so right now it's only leftovers that they're trying to pick up. I hope RedHat wins and crumbles them financially.

    Some sources indicate MS has some role or another in this. It's definitely a smarter move for MS to support a *nix corporate distribution than to allow Linux to run freely on computers worldwide. The lesser of two evils for them.

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    wow 13 MILL is a crazy lot of money wow sux for them...lol

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