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Thread: Your opinion counts --spyware tools

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    Question Your opinion counts --spyware tools

    What sort of features would you want to see in a spyware/adware removal program so that we wouldn't have to download 4-5 different tools to remove spyware?

    What features would you want to see for a corporate world environment?

    Look forward to your replies :)
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    Would be good if a few of these companies got together and joined to produce a complete suite packaged with all of the features of 5 or so all rolled into one. They could share the profits and we could enjoy the ease of removing this junk.....Don't know if there would be a conflict between the different software.

    I think that with the profits that microsoft makes, gates should develope this kind of software and distribute it free with all windows o/s. And make it available to all current users,surely this could be done.

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    I just use spysweeper and it does the job. I used to use adaware and Spybot one after the other to be sure but I dropped both after I got spysweeper. On top of that I switch from crappy IE (on my winblows box) to firefox and I haven't seen hardly any real spyware at all.
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    Yeah, basically the same with me Korp. After I started using FireFox I don't even remember getting any spyware. Currently I use adaware but if I had to "combine" any two spyware application's it would be adaware and hijackthis.
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    I would have a central, (opensource?) database for the definitions, that all products can download from, and then the software vendors can focus on speed and accuracy + heuristics. This can apply to AV as well. And HJT works good too.

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    With Adware/spyware like virus/trojans prevention is always better than the cure.

    Fiirst advce to the user.. ..ie user education.
    a tools that blocks the crap at the door (the job that the AV's are missing-even ones with adware tools)
    for removal nothing beat the combination
    The Cleaner

    The bigest problem with most of these tools is they have to be installed.. and they have "Issues" when installed in safe mode. Many new Malware will run while the machine is in safemode.
    An intelligent tool that will run from a "Live CD" is currently my pick.. one that knows that the C:\ drive is the users active drive.. and identify the OS, clean the registry, remove the crap.. with out having to boot the users OS..

    BTW.. On difficult jobs I will install the Clients hdd into a test Rig for scanning.. Is there a tool where I can ediit the registry of the Win OS on that drive as well?


    [edit] YES A Live CD, that has AV and Anti-Adware/Spybot prog that will look to either a Memstick or FDD for the definitions.. then you only need to burn one disk every few months rather than every time a new virus comes out.. yes I know that you can just update online useing the live cd's browser.. but that is not always possable [/edit]
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    I completely forgot about this bootable idea... I've been meaning to post it somewhere.

    http://clamav.sourceforge.net <-- an opensource AV

    I've always wondered how hard it would be to combine a AV like clamAV with a distribution like knoppix.... and also find a way to use the adaware reference files with a knoppix port somehow...

    It would beat safe mode, ya know?

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    Wow... I had never thought of the live cd thing but that is without a doubt the best idea I have heard... That would rock the socks off of safe mode.
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    if you look into PE builder there are versions of virus scan that will run on a live version of windows... i also know that the apps that i use (command line mcaffe) also exist for linux, so in theory it shouldn't be hard at all -- the only problem you run into is that you cannot always remove everything from the registry -- i have yet to find a tool that will natively open the registry and remove the crap
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    bartPE gives you the option in its iso wizard to include any software you need in the iso it creates. it comes with the option to include stinger but what you add is up to you. BTW bartPE is an XP type os that runs compleatly from a CD (for those who dont know) and it'll run programs without using the system files of an infected box. the networking needs some work but its truley great to clean a mach thats so infected with virus/trojans/spyware that it cant boot or takes an hour before its usable or moveing needed files off before an fdisk if its unsavable.


    as far as features in an adware program....reg protection is number one in my book.
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