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Thread: floppy trouble

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    floppy trouble

    Floppy trouble.

    Well we all know a days have more or less stopped using floppies , rite , but still floppies have that certain edge over cd which is un arguable.

    They are small
    They are easy to write
    Easy to transfer
    Convient to reuse
    You don't need an expensive disk to use them

    Demerits constitutes

    Easily damageable
    Virus can spread faster
    Data can be damaged due to bad disk
    Un trustable

    But still there are some chunks of data which are too small to fit in a CD and good enough to fit in a floppy

    So any of you guys out there who has some program which can repair a damaged floppy disk or anything regarding floppies will be welcomed in this post .
    I got a tool ,I'll put up
    C ya

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    Re: floppy trouble

    Originally posted here by yourdeadin
    Floppy trouble.

    Try Viagara.

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    Well, at my age you need all the viagra you can get, and something to practice on

    To answer the question:

    1. Easily damageable...............I would say that a CD is just as easily damaged.........well it is more susceptible to surface damage, but immune to magnetism.

    2. Virus can spread faster...................err, NO.............any recordable media can contain a virus, and your CD is read much faster than your floppy.

    3.Data can be damaged due to bad disk................the same is true of CDs, particularly cheap ones. If your data is that important make more than one backup and check them afterwards.

    4.Un trustable....................see#3 above.............I have certainly burnt a few coasters in my time

    I will see if I cand find a few tools and edit this post later.



    This one checks for corrupted files on any media: "Media Checker"

    Noel Danjou...........he has some other free tools on his site as well.

    This is commercial software, but it is pretty comprehensive and works on any drive. You can get a 30 day trial. You might be able to get a free copy, I got one from a magazine CD.


    This one will recover from a variety of drives provided the media is not damaged. He also does one for digital camera media. It is freeware.

    Roadkil's "Unstoppable Copier"


    This one is aimed at recovering data from damaged media: floppies, hard drives, DVDs, CDs etc. There is a shedload of other freeware on this guy's site

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