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    This is a very big post but before posting please go through the article thoroughly and then answer


    Recently I was watching TV and came across an interesting program and that raised my quiery as I put it up here.

    MP3 the o'l faithful

    See lets take an example of a song in wave format say "heal the world" by MJ; the song is 100 MB in the normal CD format as it is in AIFF format ( feel free to correct me !!), so when we rip it using a MP3 encoder say lame encoder ( the best I've seen in quite some time )
    The song comes down by say 10% of the original sound capacity say it'll now be around 10 MB. The ripping is done by bringing down the sound quality from CD sound quality to some where inferior to that ( again I request you to feel free to correct me ,I may be wrong !! ) .The ripping is done by eliminating the sounds which are soft and cannot be heard by the human ears in presence of a heavy sounds , (they showed the example of some one playing a guitar very softly I presence of a heavy sound that of a alarm clock and believe me in spite of the picture being shown of both the instrument and both being played simultaneously & me concentrating on the guitar all I could only hear was the deafening sound of the alarm clock ) Well obvious wasn't it ??
    But this does actually bring down the quality of the track, may be there are sounds which can be heard by the human ears if we'd concentrate hard and what about the songs which were made for the mp3 format, like what about the sound tracks which were made keeping in mind the mp3 algorithm and were too big so what would be there mp3 version.

    Not making much sense Eeh? Thought so ( even my dad says so )

    Lets take the above given example "heal the world" MJ (quite famous I must say)
    Rite. So the song was originally 100 Mb but when we encoded it came down to
    10 MB, but how ?? Simply by following the algorithm used in the encoder which cuts down the sound track quality ( sounds which are not easily audible to the human ear )

    Now had MJ made the songs keeping the mp3 algorithm in mind ( not including the sounds which are not easily audible to the human ear sounds which are not easily audible to the human ear ) then ?? Now here comes the fix. How does the encoder bring down the file size. supposedly the file size is a 100 mb now how much smaller can the mp3 encoder make it now?? Quite a fix I must say ( feel free to contradict or correct me if I am wrong )

    I don't know if I am right or wrong but anyhow. But some drastic improvements have been made and Apple is now promising "near cd quality" with its Apple iPod ( I'll put up the link in a minute ) 30gb, lith-ion batteries, best head phones ever , damn good , I wish I had that kind of money to buy it !!!!

    Enter the Mpeg4 standard dragon

    Now I don't know what exactly is the deal with this, but what I get from TV is that it's size will be 10 % of mp3 , so if I get it right then the song "heal the world" which is over 100 mb will be only 1mb ???, well that's what I guess. this new system records the time and the intensity of the song or the instrument being played .

    For example if a guitar is used in the song heal the world the this new system will record the time and at what intensity is the guitar played and at what instant .it then tells the computer to reproduce the sound at the same instant , it'll not store the voices but will synthesis them using a very very very complex algorithm.
    Sounds good doesn't it !!yup sounds good and sounds good too!!! . this also promises something I think I must confirm again "better than cd quality".
    But again as said there is a catch with the synthesizing of sound left the computers this will demand more computing power ( equivalent some thing of a photoshop running with a 40mb psd file open and you playing quake 3 ) again correct me if I am wrong .people like me who do not have enough computing power will be left behind , not that I have that kinda money but my pc has been bottle necked its been upgraded to the brim , I gotta get a new box for playing mpeg4 files!!.

    If we leave the computing power issue for a while and try to concentrate on the good things mpeg4 has to offer we'll see that with the shrinking of the file size the swapping of files will go up as high as ever now files being nearly 1MB or less than that swapping or "sharing" as they term it will be more, RIAA (records industry association of America)(that's what I think it stands for ) will be pissed off and with country with very less of cyber laws a control will be impossible .with mp3 transfer used to take minutes but with mpeg4 it'd take seconds ( assuming a normal speed of 56kbps ) I think that's why all the fuss of mpeg4 ,now hard to say who is the good and who is the bad guy isn't
    It .Eeh!

    And guess what with the algorithm out every Tom, Dick and Harry will start encoding and start something called stenography and will send encoded song algorithm.

    I'll explain in detail.See what the mpeg4 encoder will do is make an algorithm for the computer telling it to play what sound where right. So what if we can read the algorithm, if we can read that then we can surely encrypt that or stenograph and send to any person we want. With the CIA having trouble trying to keep in track of militants sending information to each other via stenography this new technology will raise the flood alarm
    Won't it ?

    Well that's all I gotta say, please oblige me with your thoughts and contradiction, criticism and similar stuff.

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    "better than cd quality".
    You have to remember that CD doesn't really have too good a quality, most of the systems have a sticker / marking, saying 4x (or more) overdub....... this, in essence is when the system will 'listen' to the data 4 times, and then take the average, and it is this average that is reproduced in the speakers.............

    As for your post: I find that I am unable to work out what, if anything, you are asking for from this community ?

    Well that's all I gotta say, please oblige me with your thoughts and contradiction, criticism and similar stuff.
    You ask this of us, yet give no real indication of what you are after, I realise that you have posted in GCC, and that in your profile you have left very little info (why don't people give more details ?) so I cannot know if English is your first language, so I will end by just asking for some clarification on the above points.
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    Not to be redundant but, WTF???

    Is there a question in there somewhere? Besides why would anyone want to listen to a pedophile??? or convert his "music" to MP3, seems like a waste of processor cycles to me.
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    Wow all that would seem like a waste of time for a CD when i can jsut convert files to make them MP3 faster...ithink it is better.

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    well you also for get that in mpeg format you can store the same song in 10% of mp3 space and a far better quality ,

    and by the way english is not my first language ;-)

    and ijust wanted to have some type of discussion on this topic not a question you know , boy you guys are rough real rough , no wonder its hard to be here for long!!!!

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