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Thread: Favorite C++ compiler?

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    If I had to choose... Bloodshed Dev-IDE, it usually has Mingw. Then there's always Borland builder.

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    Dev-C++ all the way(I hate Microsoft and Borland so much....), I'm a C/ASM programmer, so I love Dev-C++. It's doesn't support ASM integration, but its the best IDE there is and will ever be
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    also a Bloodshed users here (Dev-C++)
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    I mainly use g++ if I'm writing C++ progs (gcc for C), but I have used the mingw compiler in the past, and have visual C++ 6 (not installed).

    If I were to write a relatively basic C++ prog at the moment, I would use g++, but I got visual C++ 6 because I got interested in half-life modding (was not very successful, although I think I'd do fine now).


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