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Thread: liscense acquisition on grokster, whaa?

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    liscense acquisition on grokster, whaa?

    On kazaa or grokster whenever I download a video, almost all the time when i try to play it says liscense acquistion with a faded play option and a cancel button. There is no information or option to pay for the liscense is there anyway to get past this? Most of the time they arent even the premium yellow files. Does anybody know how to fix the wmv, ect...

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    Aren't the latest versions of that sort of software supposed to be "legal"?

    Maybe you have to register it or open an account with them if you want to use it for stuff that isn't free?Open it up in "programs" and see if there is a registration form.

    Just a thought



    Also you may have to pay per item or get a licence from the site that has the items on it? AFAIK Grockster and Kazaa don't actually have the files themself, they just let you find them and download them.

    Another thought would be that if you have removed the adware/spyware components.

    I personally wouldn't give either program houseroom. Far too many security and performance issues, not to mention legal ones

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