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Thread: Anyone want to buy a computer?

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    Anyone want to buy a computer?

    i just got a deal from a friend who works in the forensics department of nationwide insurance and he's going to give me 15,000 ( yes 15,000) computers. they are all P3 900 Mhz. unfortunately the hard drives are erased due to safety reasons. ill sell them to you guys for 20 bucks. how bout it?

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    Corey ? Are you serious ? I'll buy 3 ..keep em for me ...or come on AIM and we'll arange a meeting point....

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    I'll buy at least one. [STRIKE]I'll PM you my screen name[/STRIKE]...if you're serious.

    On second thought - I'm just PM you sometime...

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    I'd need to know how serious this is, first

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    If you are serious, I would be interested. How much ram on those machines? What about shipping costs? I

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    Have to excuse my skepticism, but you have to admit it does sound a little fishy. But I'd buy a couple as well.

    Interesting proposition for you though: 15,000 times 20.00 = $300,000.00

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Yeah i'll take 10 of your hands, i'll pay for shipping to get 'em over to Australia as well..
    I'll shoot yah a Pm to work out the details.


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    I would also be interested in a couple. I am assuming this is without monitor or keyboard and such, but would like to know some more details and of course shipping costs.
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    If you are serious I'd probably be looking to get around 20 or 30
    Got a lot of things I can use those for

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    yeah i smell a scam

    but if not, ill buy 50.

    for another, why the **** was this dudes thread given antipoints? i see it as a slight advertisement, wait, take that back.. $300,000 dollars in question here.. hrm... big advertisement.

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