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    Total Members

    Bring back the total members thingy. I miss watching that grow. (You know, the statistic as to how many members ao has)

    I don't see any reason not to, it could be at the bottom, sort of like this attachment, notice my little edition using paint at the bottom.

    It wouldn't take up any room, and it'd be cool to have for advertising reasons as well as a contributing members pleasure :P

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    Good idea, it would be good to know.

    Also, could the Website Status calculator be re-calibrated, or given more
    fingers to count on.

    Website Status

    Guests On Now: 267
    Members On Now: 27
    Total Users On Now: 302

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    Also, could the Website Status calculator be re-calibrated, or given more fingers to count on.
    It's not counting the hidden members.
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    It seems fairly pointless not to count hidden members as members in that since when it gives you the total users thing, it's not exactly difficult to find out how many hidden members are on.


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    so anyway.. any admins given this a thought?

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    Also, it counts people with multiple accts, etc., so the number is probably moot.

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    well, i did a count on the memberlist and the number for total members is 59325 however that just can't be accurate...

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    most members are inactive, gone and never post so that total members thing will lead to disappointment i reckon.. or maybe you should have a total active members (members that have posted in the last 3 months) and total inactive members then an overall total members

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    Yeah, if you look at the member list, there are pages and pages and pages of people with 0 posts.

    But fyrewall's suggestion is good..except maybe it should be members that have logged on in the last three months instead of posted in the last three months.. Because some may only check in occasionally but never post (like me)..

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    Counts of various types of members are coming in the stats page.

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