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Thread: Smoothwall Issue

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    Smoothwall Issue

    ok, after doing a lot of test to solve this (http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=259536)
    Client told me that he is changing to use smoothwall on his clients. So, the problem is gone, since smoothwall has enough "remote" management capabilities. At least, i received the payment for the consulting....

    BTW, Im trying to install smoothwall to replace my current soft firewall (*nix with iptables, manually configured).
    --- Current config -----
    I have a pc with JUST ONE nic and im using iptables to protect my home network and share internet connection.
    I have a xdsl connection thru pppoe. So, Internet is at "ppp0" and local network is "eth0".
    Until today is working fine (i hope so!)
    ---- Smoothwall
    Now back on issue. I cant find a way to do that on smoothwall! All "model" configurations require 2 "physical" interfaces (or 3). I would like to use it just im using nowadays. ONE eth NIC, ONE "logical" adapter (ppp0).

    Ideas what am i doing wrong?
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    have not had to deal with "dial-up" issues for a while but if you google for
    "smoothwall dialup", you will see a boatload of info on the matter.

    "Smoothwall dial on demand" has a bunch of info too..

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    You need to have two ETH NICs with xDSL?

    I setup a smoothwall box a while back and here is how I did it.

    xdsl modem into WAN ethernet interface on smoothwall box
    switch into LAN ethernet interface on smoothwall box

    With your ppp0, how were you planning on connecting that to the modem?
    You have a xDSL modem for your PC?

    AFAIK-- You HAVE to use at least two physical interfaces.

    eg. 56K modem for dial up as WAN interface and ethernet as your LAN interface

    Please describe your current physical layer more clearly.
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    OK, More details about my home network.
    - I have one switch with 4 computers connected AND an adsl "modem" on it.
    - from Linux box, that have just one ethernet nic (eth0) i connect on internet thru adsl-start (pppoe).
    - when i connect, a new device "appears" (ppp0 - of course)
    - i use iptables to share/protect my network
    every other pc on my network goes thru linux box, that is acting as a router for me.

    so packets goes (from inside like this)

    Windows XP ---> {ethernet switch} --> Linux(eth0) --> linux(ppp0) ---> {ethernet switch} ---> adsl modem --> {phone line} .....

    i dont need 2 nics on my linux box since pppoe creates a device that can be address by iptables and routing. Im wondering how to do that on smoothwall.

    My first idea was doing smoothwall "red" zone thru dial up properties. However, i cant see any option there to use pppoe.... so, question continues..

    how i can use smoothwall on that way?

    p.s. pls dont tell me do buy another nic.... that is obvious.... i want to do that like on standard linux...

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    Straight from the Smoothwall Quick Start Guide:

    “15. If your Internet connection is via ISDN, USB ADSL or a modem, then use the default GREEN (Red is modem/ISDN) Network configuration.”

    “17. If an ADSL modem is to be used then the make/model must be selected and the VCI/VPI parameters configured in the Setup program.”

    The way I have mine setup for Dailup 56K is. Three computers > switch > nic-in old box with smoothwall > out through Linux modem > Internet.

    Now that I have DSL it will be: Computers > switch> Wireless Linksys Router(nat) so wife and son’s computers can access DSL > nic-in old box with smoothwall nic-out >DSL Modem > Internet.

    It’s probably overkill with Nat in the router and Smoothwall, but hey I got it so why not use it.

    If that doesn’t help, smoothwall.org has a forum as well. You can post as a guest or start an account there. But they tend to state: RTFM quite often because a multitude of folks come in asking very simple questions that are answered in the manual.

    Your question is not one of them. However, I’m sure your scenario is found in the Q&A section.

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