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Thread: What would you do?

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    What would you do?

    Thought this the best place to put this thought cause that is just what it is. First off I simply do what my job is and that is of a Manager of Information Systems in that role I support the AEC industry. No pecking order AEC= Architectual, Engineering, Civil Engineering. I do not forsee the desktop of each computer. So I've been around since the first CAD progams. So I posr this question I am in a position where the local AIA (Armerican Inistute of Archiecture) is in my office and in spite of our age the presdent of the local chapter (blue hair 60+ woman me 50 + geek) are in close contact . Funny how us old people are in charge . Anyway send a private message if you want more details.

    I have begun the task of moving my current employer off M$ stuff on the server side. Why licensing costs. My background was mostly Unix and Novell I have moved their Servers as I can to Linux after all for the cost of RedHat ES it amounted to about 2 consultants visits for an hour. What I found in doing so were in fact more choices with little or no cost including outside Linux consulting fees and my overtime replaced an aged Exchage system, the possibiliy of more advanced network programs and functions without huge license costs.

    So the question is after some observations shall I go for a morning walk with the old blue haired lady and the net savy office manager and present an idea of the cost savings I made swirching a couple servers out ok 3 from NT 4.0, 2000 and no desktop user knowing the difference to the local AIA. After all for me the computer is just a tool to get a job done no fun or games and no budget right now but a few hundred here or there. But in Linux they can host their own meetings on line , check their mail via the web have their own project email lists. This was just fro under 500 bucks from Red Hat and I am looking at other Linux vendors. So IT budgets are like $0 now and I ask does M$ drive all industry and business or does indust and small business drive the software vendors. Software is simply a a tool now one enity and player cannot rule all business commet as you wish. I'll fine tune this and may let it lay or maybe present the observations to one industry...then duck and cover like I was taught in the 50's but M$ cannot be all things to all people or business is that so wrong to know or understand? They do have good products it is only the marketing of their concept that is flawed?

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    2 Things real quick:

    Business Continuity
    Ease of Use

    These things are risk factors. Not every company out there has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. I know some will say the must have them in order to survive. I live in the real world. I monkey can run Exchange if they follow some basic practices. It takes a geek to run Linux although that is changing very fast and MS is scared. And for 295.00 they can fix the most complicated of issues. CHEAP for the level of tech support you get. That brings me to continuity.

    I critical error is open source software could leave you hanging with your balls wrapped around your neck. : D now it sounds like you picked a suite of products that are top rate and they exists and are supported, but what if the project suddenly stopped. It happens, the author moves on or get's bored or dies. No more updates and it may take a while for someone to get online and host the project. No biggy, unless your entire enterprise relies on it.

    This just some input as to why people gravitate toward MS and others versus Linux: Not necessarily related to you. In fact you may find yourself in a very advantageous position, there are some huge benefits with managed migration OFF the MS bandwagon.
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