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Thread: Window XP networking security

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    Window XP networking security

    My PC is on the CAMPUS network and installed XP professional with all security updates. I have a problem with my network thus I can access to my friend PC but my friend cant access my PC.

    I dont on my firewall and I dont know why. While my friend access to my PC, keep asking the password. He is using WIN ME. ANd after I type my password, still got problem saying that the password is not regonized.

    Any experience before? is it bcoz of the security update I installed?

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    Go to start --> right click my computer --> CLick manage --> Select Local users and groups --> then seleect users.

    you should see your login name in there, it might not hurt to add a user and then try accessing your computer. Also don't forget to give permissions to the folders that you want to access.

    Right click the folder your trying to access, select sharing and security, make sure share this folder is checked then select the permissions button below that, and make sure your name is in there. There is also a security tab on the properties window as well, make sure you have the proper rights to it (read, wirte modify, execute etc.)

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    Can't tell you exactly what the issue may be. I've always had a hard time doing LAN sharing between XP and any other ver of windows. My solution has always been to create users for doing sharing and use the search for computer instead of the computers near me...

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    I've always had a hard time doing LAN sharing between XP and any other ver of windows
    I havent

    Just use TCP\IP as NetBEUI is no longer supported
    give everyone a unique address
    Make sure you add File and Printsharing on the older clients and the user to the XP machine...and a share as cheyenne1212 suggested...

    Your done

    Oh remember the older client used the "Browsing " service which would sometimes take a few minutes to refresh the network shares etc

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    i have a mixed config at home with windows (all flavors- 98, nt, 2000, xp) and works fine.

    Please be aware that windows xp has 2 modes of sharing folders. depending the security configuration, with guest account is disabled, you cant share a folder.
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