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    TruPrevent Technologies

    Panda Software announces the launch of TruPrevent, the most intelligent technologies for combating unknown viruses and intruders. These technologies represent a radical change of approach to combating Internet threats, as the traditional concept of reacting once a virus has emerged is replaced with intelligent technologies for preventing the attack before it strikes, pre-empting the problem. The beta versions of the new range of products incorporating these technologies can now be downloaded.

    Traditional antivirus and security systems combined with the new TruPrevent Technologies result in higher levels of security than ever before to protect against the increasing number of Internet threats including unknown viruses and intruders. With this in mind, during the third quarter of 2004, Panda Software will release new products designed to protect both home users and professionals, SMEs and large corporations, and as they complement traditional antivirus protection, they will even be compatible with products that have not been developed by Panda Software.

    Internet threats are getting faster by the day, and this requires ever-faster reactions both from computer users and from antivirus companies in order to avoid epidemics. The Sasser, Mydoom and SQLSlammer worms were able to infect thousands of computers in a matter of minutes, showing that it is possible to create viruses that spread so quickly that humans have no time to respond.

    On top of this, there is another problem: the growing use of other techniques to damage computer systems, such as to take advantage of software vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, etc. The situation gets even more worrying if flash threats are considered. Flash threats could appear in the very near future and will be capable of spreading so rapidly that human reaction, the basis of the antivirus industry up until now, will be useless.

    Current security solutions are highly effective at combating known threats. However, they are reactive prevention systems and, as a result, need to be updated in order to deal successfully with the kinds of viruses mentioned above. This means there is a greater reaction time, which can have fatal consequences. The only solution to this is to use preventive and intelligent systems, capable of staying one step ahead of the problem, detecting and blocking threats as soon as they attempt to enter or leave the computer.

    Technologies designed to avoid false positives

    In light of this new situation, and with the aim of putting a stop to both the problem of the rapid spread of viruses and to the use of new techniques to damage computer systems, Panda Software has spent several years working on a set of preventive technologies, including behavioral analysis, which in tests have shown themselves to be highly effective against viruses and other unidentified threats. The result is the launch of its new preventive TruPrevent Technologies, the most intelligent technologies to combat unknown viruses and intruders.

    Like a good detective, TruPrevent Technologies analyze programs for suspicious behavior and automatically and intelligently block them without human intervention and without any needing to ask any questions. This makes these technologies extremely simple to administer, making them even more convenient.

    Another advantage of TruPrevent Technologies for home, professional and corporate users is that they are designed to avoid false positives, i.e., to identify only applications that represent a real threat to the system.

    Technologies that pre-empt viruses

    "The argument is very clear: The larger the threat, the higher the need for protection. TruPrevent Technologies represent a major leap forward for the security of IT systems. With TruPrevent we are talking about a radical change of approach in protection against viruses, as we have moved on from reacting to a virus to pre-empting it and as a result preventing it from spreading and avoiding the consequences of its damaging effects," states Pedro Bustamante, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Panda Software International.

    "New threats are increasingly difficult to stop using traditional reactive protection systems, as demonstrated by recent virus epidemics caused by fast-spreading worms, or threats that exploit security holes to spread and infect computers. In fact, if the new TruPrevent Technologies were available when these epidemics emerged, we would have been able to block a lot of viruses that have caused damage," concludes Bustamante.

    TruPrevent Technologies incorporate a system for eliminating all traces of infections and unknown attacks. This system restores systems infected by viruses, worms or Trojans, avoiding the names of files, windows Registry entries, infected libraries, etc. from being changed.

    TruPrevent Technologies will be incorporated in the new range of products that will be available on the market in the third quarter of 2004 and, at the same time, are perfectly compatible with any traditional antivirus product on the market developed by Panda Software or other manufacturers.

    TruPrevent Technologies are a milestone in the antivirus protection market. The powerful protection against viruses and intruders that characterizes Panda Software’s products is now combined with the capacity to neutralize attacks from unknown viruses and intruders, thanks to intelligent and preventive technologies in TruPrevent. The result is a higher level of protection for all users.

    Availability of TruPrevent Technologies

    The beta versions of the TruPrevent Technologies can be downloaded from http://www.pandasoftware.com/beta

    Similarly, during the third quarter of 2004, Panda Software will release a complete range of products with TruPrevent Technologies, which will cover the protections needs of all users, home users, professionals, SMEs and large corporations to combat unknown viruses and intruders.

    More information about the new TruPrevent Technologies is available on Panda Software’s website at http://www.pandasoftware.com
    Anyone test it?
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Not yet..

    this d/l whore is of to try a new toy..

    bugger the D/l link is blank for me.. ok detour..

    Site seems busy..

    let ya know when i get it and have a play..

    Thanks for the info

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    i tried it...i cant test it out since it keeps having internal errors on my XP...so far nothin detected
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!

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    I tried it and it seemed to be working however at the same time both firefox and IE couldnt load anything (would get stuck waiting for reply), This was also true for the web based console on my router not just websites. When i uninstalled the evaluation it miraculesly worked again
    After I had removed it i scanned my hard disk with AVG and it was clean so i cant say either way wether its any good at picking up viruses or not

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