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    Stats Page suggestion - mentioned in other tutorials suggestion

    ok mnstrgrl mentioned this in another thread very briefly [Link] - but I thought it is a great idea and a new thread would maybe bring it more to the attention of other members

    basically what she mentioned was a stats page - if all the suggestions for what should be placed along with the top10 lists was implemented you'd be scrolling for ages to get to the bottom of the page

    so why not have the main ones on the front page and other lesser - but still intresting stats on a new seperate page.

    ok a few quick suggestions as to what could go on the page

    Top Pos AP Earner by [ Day | Week | Month ]
    Top Neg AP Earner by [ Day | Week | Month ]
    Top 10 Pos Assigners
    Top 10 Neg Assigners
    Most posts per day (shown on profile)
    Most Active Forum (by thread/replies count)
    Most Active thread by [ Day | Week | Month ] (replies)
    Most Viewed Thread by [ Day | Week | Month ]
    Most Downloaded Attachment
    Custom Titles Given (dunno if this fits on stats page but would be nice to se a list)
    Most Active Member by [ Day | Week | Month ]
    Biggest Lurker by [ Day | Week | Month ] (logged on but not posting)
    Quickest Climber *will explain what i mean at bottom
    Quickest Downfall **will explain what i mean at bottom
    Fastest Suicidal Thread by [ Day | Week | Month ]

    just some ideas what ya think

    *Quickest Climber :-: Ok alot of us old timers have had quite a while to gather aps so the top10 list. What about a list of people who are recieving the highest volume of pos aps in the shortest time frame.

    **Quickest Downfall :-: same as above but with neg aps


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    You got my mighty french approval!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    "Au barricades mon ami"!!!!!

    Yes, I think that a stats page would get round the problem of what can fit on one page.

    We have to accept that our hosts rely upon advertising, so we can only take up so much "prime time"?

    just trying to be realistic

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    Oh Nihil! Don't encourage them to throw us more ads!! That woud required a lot more "barricades"!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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