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    Also to add....

    The first iteration of IE looked exactly like Netscape who beat it hands down until MS built it into the OS. Who is to say MS isn't copying open source browsers as we speak. Hell they used Gzip in Outlook/Exchange 2003. They severely reduced bandwidth requirements using outlook and exchange to my happiness I might add. Know how they do it.... Gzip yo.
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    Hehehe I found a site that has screen shots of very old netscape 0.91 and mosaic 0.4 browsers. this will either bring back happy memories or nightmares that you thought were left behind Muhahahahaha

    And here is something very interesting.

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    Microsoft was built on theft.

    1) DOS (QDOS then) was actually robbed from a Seattle developer for 50K so that they could pitch it to IBM.
    2) Windows was stolen from Apple (who did not steal it from Xerox)
    3) IE was lifted as Gore has pointed out.

    Here: http://users.aol.com/machcu/msrise.html
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    There was a rumor that Bill Gates also stole computer time to do BASIC. this may be a small crime but back then computer cycles were NOT cheap for people, and I'm not sure where I read this, which is why I do not say it's fact, but it was on a web page showing things Microsoft had done wrong to gain ahead.

    I'll see if I can find the articles and post them here. Actually, I'll edit this post if I can find them so I don't have to waste a post on it. If it's true or not, I don't know, but it's a cool page showing them stealing things.

    Some of these are just silly, but they do have SOME good points, and almost all anti-Microsoft stuff has a few reasons listed because of what thye have stolen.




    On the pages in those links they have a pretty good listing of things.


    Finally! I found one of the pages I was looking for!


    That's a list of the compannies they have ****ed over, and it's by year. The link above that one is the main page where you can browse by year like I just gave the link to do, or by company.

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    We can just simply state that because of other businesses bad practices, etc, this allowed Gates to lie, cheat, and steal his way into a product that became the desktop standard. I remember when Gates couldn't GIVE his OS away...imagine if he had grouped with IBM?

    Look at networking in general, the cat5 cable, the mouse, the touchscreen monitors, the lightpens....these are all the genius of Xerox, who tried to build a "paperless" office and for the most part, they did..but they dropped the project (or something similar) and everyone else swept up the technology and made money off them...
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    Hmm looks this thread opened more than a can of worms with this topic.
    Thanks for those links guys I am sure it will shock some people when they read them. and it just might be the thing that breaks the camels back and makes them switch to a different O.S.

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