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Thread: Mystery Creature

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    Mystery Creature

    Mystery Creature Lurks In Baltimore County


    POSTED: 5:19 am EDT July 19, 2004
    UPDATED: 6:54 pm EDT July 27, 2004

    GLYNDON, Md. -- A mystery animal is on the loose in Baltimore County and not even the experts can pin down what it is.

    A Glyndon man found a way to secretly record the beast while it grazed in his yard. For a while it was just lurking in the woods watching the Wroe family until the Wroes started watching it.

    Jay Wroe: "My truck was parked here, started getting in my truck. I kind of saw it there where the sunlight is and said what in the world is that?"

    Jacob Wroe: "It looked so weird to me. I didn't know what it was."

    Wanting to get a better look at the beast stalking his family, Jay Wroe put technology to work for him.

    Jay Wroe: "The next day, I hooked up just portable motion detectors, and put them down back in the woods there."

    The trap worked.

    Jay Wroe: "Very bizarre. I went and got my father and cousin and they came and looked at it and their reactions were pretty much the same -- what in the world are we looking at?"

    More than a month after the first sighting, the creature has become a neighborhood regular and showing up often.

    Kim Carlsen: "It comes to our house. It's been up in the woods for a while and it comes up through the bottom of our yard and eats our cat food."

    Despite the fact it's lurking in these woods and no one knows when or where it will come out, no one here seems afraid of it.

    Jacob Wroe: "I don't know, it doesn't look like it's going to harm anybody."

    Even the other neighborhood animals like Bullwinkle the dog next door seem okay with the beast.

    Kim Carlsen: "It's not afraid of the cats and the cats seem to get along with it fine."

    The beast is not shy, and visits most often under bright sun. While no one here knows what it is, they do have a name for it -- the hyote, a combination of a hyena and a coyote.
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    They already have a video of me, don't worry people, i did advertise AO on it

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    where's Steve Irwin when you need him??

    is def weird thing to be running about in Baltimore - maybe escaped from a privat zoo or something?? surrprised the newspapers aint got some kind of zoologist to pin down what it is - unless it is a new species which if it is that is a seriously big deal......most likly just a mongrel of something tho


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    Last thing I heard about it on the news was that it is believed to be a fox with some kind of endocrine disease, and that they'll only try to catch it once it becomes dangerous for humans...

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    thats one messed up looking fox - yuck!!!
    didn't watch the vid (saw real player download link ¬_¬) but it looks like it must be seriously bloated up then


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    I'm still thinking it's some mix of hyena or dingo and something else. Nasty looking bugger though.

    I'd say catch it but with the luck animal control has had in the recent past, nope, just leave the thing alone.
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    my vote goes....."SHAVED HYENA!" w00t...thast what it looks like. Perhaps someone got one illegaly, had the sick Idea of shaving it and they Heyena got pissed, ran off, now its hungry and is going through this poor man's garbage. I say shoot it...they're annoying animals...they are ugly, and they make the worse noise ever. Yeah...and they stink too.

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    it was nemory running naked there. He use to do that things.
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    Originally posted here by Negative
    Last thing I heard about it on the news was that it is believed to be a fox with some kind of endocrine disease, and that they'll only try to catch it once it becomes dangerous for humans...
    That's what I look like when I don't get my insulin...
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    where's Steve Irwin when you need him??
    Now, What I am gonna do is grab the blighter and shove my thumb up his bum ole.

    pause as steve sneaks up.

    Whoa, That seems to have really pissed him off. Whoa, he is definitely a wild one.

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