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    NetBSD install

    Hi this is NetBSD install tutorial for first time NetBSD installers. The first thing we should do to start on installing NetBSD is insert the disk into the Cd Rom drive and Shutdown you computer and wait a few seconds a turn it back on, or you are able to insert the disk while logged into your OS then reboot/restart you computer.

    Then at this point you should think of what media you will be installing such as:
    File system
    Local directory

    These are your media choices.

    When you start your install the first question that comes up is which type of the 2 types of geometries you would like to install:
    Real geometry
    Bios geometry

    The one I chose is real geometry. Because it is the real geometry of the hard disk.
    I have heard that if you chose Bios geometry it may remap the disk using LBE or LBA. I can not exactly remember I am almost positive it is LBA no it is LBA I am sure of it.

    Next, if NetBSD is installed on a hard disk with an other OS you will need to install a Boot Manager. This should allow you to make a boot loader if you are running winNT is on the hard disk.

    The space requirements are pretty low. They are 420MB hard disk and for the swap partition 32MB

    Ok now to start if you have bootable Cd rom you will not need to create an installation floppy which is very easy there is a step by step directions on screen as you do this part of the install.

    Now restart your system one more time and we are ready!

    Make sure install/boot floppy is in if needed.

    Ok ready?

    First once you are booted in you will be at a main menu that will say
    NetBSD-(depends on version for the numbers that go here) install system

    a. Install NetBSD
    b. Upgrade
    c. Re-install or install add. Sets
    d. Reboot/restart comp.
    e. Utility men
    x: Exit install

    At this point you will choose letter A.

    Now it will come to ask you to partition you C: drive? Chose yes unless you have a C drive for This Net BSD itself.

    Now it should tell you how many hard drives it finds. If there is more than 1 you will have to choose which 1 you would like to install on it.
    It should be called (wd0) or (wd1)

    At this point you would shoes which one to install on and then chose the ok button.

    Next it will ask if this is the right geometry and you should select yes unless you are very smart and are ready to set it by self or hand.

    Now you will have to choose which partition scheme you would like to use? They should be using all disk or part. This you will choose your own self depending on what disk you are installing on and, if you are using all or part?

    Next it will ask for the size of partition if you are doing 1. At this point you should choose MB. Cylinders or sectors I think.
    I chose MB.

    Now it will ask you if you would like to edit any partition by a screen of choices coming up it is in ABC order I am not sure exactly what they say though. But it is very easy of all common sense.

    After this process it will ask you to set the size and activate partition. This also, is in an ABC selection which is very easy and up to you. I myself used 5GB on my C: drive.

    If you are also going to overwrite a partition to do this there is a selection letter for this also and it is only a one click and it is done so this part id very easy and letter selection to no commands needed right now.

    Now to configure the boot loader you can select the partitions which are in an ABC form you just scroll to and hit enter on them and they appear on the boot loader. Then you scroll down and click on the letter that says activate boot loader.

    After all the very easy parts you are now at a menu that says:
    a. standard
    b. standard with x
    c. custom

    For very first time users and installers I suggest choosing a or b.

    Now a menu pops up that asks you if?
    Partitions ok?

    a. change partitions
    b. partitions ok

    If you are sure chose B. To double check chose A.

    Now if you change a partition it is in step by step form I have never had to do that so I am not sure what the menu is there. But I do no it is step by step easy to do so you will be well ok there.

    Now the hard part is done all partitions!

    Take a few breaths…lol and hug you comp…lol

    Here we go.

    Now we have to choose the install type. Now you will chose full install unless you no how to do the custom install which will take you to all distribution sets and weather or not you want to use them it is pretty easy you just chose yes or no. And if you want to you can toggle all the inclusion parts which may be boring. And I suggest not doing unless you are familiar with this install and what you are doing.

    But after you chose full install it will take you to the install media menu which looks like this if I can remember exactly:
    a. ftp
    b. nfs
    c. cdrom
    d. floppy
    e. un mounted fs
    f. local dir
    g. none

    Now to install the Cd rom a menu will appear:

    A. device
    B. directory
    C. continue
    First here you will chose option B. And then at the menu that appears you will type (cd0)

    Now for hardest part of this whole thing you will need to take a deep breath for this one.

    You are at the end of the install. And a sysint message appears saying everything went well. OK for this last part you are going to have to hit the letter A because you are done it is created the letter A is for creating the device files. By selecting A they are all created.
    There you go you are done!!!

    CONGRATS…lol I said this was the hard part…lol have fun with your NetBSD!

    Alls you have to do is choose a ROOT pass and there you go.

    And after selecting that letter “A” it will take you back to the main menu and you will have to reboot you comp.

    There you go, it is all done not to bad is it?

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    Great Tutorial man. I know it took you a long time to write, I was waiting to use the computer LOL. Good job though.

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