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Thread: I have developed a way to a virus free internet...

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    Only time will tell whether this is true or not.
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    Let me pour a little gas on the fire here...

    I'm *VERY* familiar with NORAD and their practices. Although I cannot disclose what they are, I can safely assure you that looking at theoretical computing/software models is only done from the perspective of national defense. Do they consider cyber threats a part of that? Yes, however, they take their leads from an *established* chain of command and a carefully mapped out flow of information. More or less, what I'm telling you is that there are existing computer scientists that work for classified branches of the Govt. who provide infoz to places like NORAD, not a dude with a big idea spawned in his free time. I can say with a great deal of certainty that no top official at NORAD has contacted this guy. Perhaps commerical industry has, but the role of top officials at NORAD is strictly defense, not research. If you want research, see AREA 51 in the Nevada desert.

    Several industry insiders have the same idea you do. Is your theory possible? Perhaps. The questions come to this: 1) Is it practical? 2) Is it cost effective? 3) Is it legal?

    You have a much harder road to hoe than you think. The conceptualization phase is a cake walk. Wait until you have to deal with the above and we'll see what your idea is made of.

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    Okie Dokie gbrowne40,

    I'm sure we have all tossed our share of Prairie Pies around and most certaining I've spread some BS in my life as well. Having said that, you can't BS a BS'er cause we can smell it miles away. I have refined that art so that I don't step in it and mess up my Tony Lama's.

    I will applaud you for keeping a thread going for over 130 posts though. But you sure did get awful smart in only a year.

    How could you go from this?

    Whoever had it before the person who gave it to me never told them the Admin. Password to go into setup to change the Boot Order... So I cannot get it to boot on my CD...I need to find a way to crack the password!!
    To this?

    I have been offered full project development from 2 companies, and plenty of professional individuals offering their expertise and this afternoon I was contacted by an official from the Los Alamos Lab who helps oversees NORAD
    Must be in the water or something because they're not going to hire just any Joe Smoe that can talk smack and post a thread.

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    I'm closing the thread. I think the poor horsey (no relation to TheHorse13) has been beaten, cooked and smoked a few times around the track. That said, if you wish to contribute or be part of this please contact gbrowne40 via PM or email. If you don't believe in what is being proposed, then don't contact.

    Please remember that Jupitermedia and it's moderators in no way validate or encourage users to do either. As the saying goes: caveat emptor - let the buyer beware!

    Contact me via PM if you have questions.
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