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Thread: Tutorial help...ME.

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    Tutorial help...ME.

    Ive been wanting to write a tutorial but Im not to sure what to write about. I am brain dead on a subject. I was wonder what you all would be interested in reading a tutorial about...I know most of you will say write what you know but I know alot of things and i just cant pin point a topic to write about. Any suggestions?

    Im pretty good in BASIC...would anyone be interested in reading a BASIC tutorial?

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    Your best bet would be to write a tutorial about something you have a particularly good knowledge of. By that, I mean you know more about it than most, which is what gives you the right to write it anyway. On top of that, Take a look at the tutorials forums, and see what's missing. Take your aformentioned knowledge of a subject that hasn't been covered yet. Or take a subject that has been written about, but give it a different spin.

    Good Luck.
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    I'd would like to thank kryptonic for him good will. I think that every subject that you can choose will be helpfull for someone else, even BASIC. I know people that still spends their time programming old ZX Spectrums only because they like it...

    Your best bet would be to write a tutorial about something you have a particularly good knowledge of. By that, I mean you know more about it than most, which is what gives you the right to write it anyway.
    I'm not agree with this 11001001. If someone write a tutorial about install mozilla in a linux box or share folders in a two XP workstation network maybe is not an expert in linux or networking but sure that it will be appreciated for people that doesn't know how to do it, because they have an explanation for exactly what they want to do.

    I don't mean that AO is the place for those kind of tutorials but in the other hand, if only the people who know more about it than most will be allowed to post tutorials, probably we will not have very much ones, and we won't be able to understand it.

    I don't know if my english is enough for explain that i want to say... hope so.

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    I have run into this problem before when wanting to write a tutorial. the thing I would do is write down the subjects you want to start tutorials on, and then under them write what each of them is about and once you have completed that, go back and reread them again and hopefully one of them will spark your interest and you will continue writing about it.

    Good Luck

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    in addition to all that is posted above, only write a tut if it is going to be useful... for example, "how to turn on a computer" is not going to be a good tutorial for a site like this, however something more like "how to program tcp/ip interfaces in c++" would probably be good reference material for some of the programmers here... don't try to BS your way through a tut, you will be called out on it, and the results will not be good.

    just my $.02
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    I think he was asking for ideas to jump-start his brain, and we're too busy debating what's appropriate to write. You guys are so ADD!

    How about something concerning website security? I have yet to see much in the way of tutorials on such a topic. Something on how to secure your website, what tools to use, coding to involve, etc. That's something I know next to null about and would very much appreciate somone's input on it.

    /edit -- Also, something on HTTPS would be great as well.

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