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Thread: 2002 Florida Voting Records LOST

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    2002 Florida Voting Records LOST

    Election officials in Florida's Miami-Dade County say electronic records from gubernatorial primary elections in 2002 have been lost after two computer crashes last year.

    Officials said Tuesday the crashes were uncovered after the citizens group Miami-Dade Election Reform Commission had inquired about the records from the 2002 primary between Democratic candidates Janet Reno and Bill McBride.

    Election authorities say the 2002 primary election was the first in which there was widespread use of electronic touch-screen voting machines. The reform commission said the loss of the records underscores problems with that new voting technology.

    Officials say a new back up system will prevent any data from being lost in the future. Florida's voting system came under national scrutiny after the 2000 presidential election.

    Disputes over unclear votes on paper ballots used in 2000 delayed election results for more than a month.
    Isn't that some sh1t. You'd think that with the importance of that data... they'd have multiple backups. I don't understand how people can just "loose" data like that.

    I have daily backups of all critical data. I might loose a day's work (current day that has yet to be backed up) but I'm not going to loose it completely!

    Something doesn't sound right about that...

    Forgot the source...
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    Maybe they're in a box somewhere with George's National Guard records????
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    Didn't they release all of George's Leave and earning statements?

    I didn't know they kept the actual voting records. What do they do with the paper ones after the official count?
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    well in national elections they go into the national archive so i imagine they would have gone into the states archive....glad i wasn't involved in setting up that network!
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