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Thread: MS Can't Be Found?!

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    Exclamation MS Can't Be Found?!

    Has MS finally been hit?

    I can't get to www.microsoft.com. Check out the screenshot...

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    I got to them no problem. Perhaps it's you? Have you checked for the standard virus/spyware stuff?
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    Yeah, I should be spyware-free, and www.microsoft.com is the only website doing that, I can go anywhere else. This is from Firefox, so I tried IE, and it took me to the usual "We can't find www.microsoft.com" search page. Hmm...

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    Actually, when you click the link in AngelicKnight's post, look at the address in the address bar. http://www.microsoft.com./

    Notice the period after the .com, isn't this like their test server? I though I read about something like that for hotmail, you added a dot after the .com and it would get the test server. I dunno, maybe it doesn't even make any difference?

    Either that or they are just using their nice stable operating systems on their servers again... lol. it could also be spyware like already mentioned. I can load it just fine. (Both IE and Firefox)

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    I'm getting the same result without the period though. Well at least it wasn't a stupid typo on my part this time...www.microsoft.com is giving me the same result.

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    Got there fine.
    Through firefox too.
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    no prob here. Try the ip to see if you have any DNS issue.
    In this instance www.microsoft.com redirects to www.microsoft.com.nsatc.net []

    Also hit f5 after it times out to clear cache
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    Only if you're running XP, I think: XP caches DNS lookup results for a while so as to not have to query the server for the IP every time. I believe successful query results are cached for 24 hours and unsuccessful results are cached for only 5 minutes. You may as well try this, though, can't really hurt anything. Go to Start -> Run -> type in 'cmd' (no quotes). It's going to open the Command Prompt. Type 'ipconfig /flushdns' -> Press Enter or Return. Basically it clears all cached IPs the computer received in its DNS queries. Try it out. I don't know whether or not this will work on any other OS than XP. Best of luck!

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    Now, I could be wrong, but in the abstract DNS specifications, isn't the trailing last-most-dot actually just mean the unnamed absolute root domain which contains com,net,etc? It's not an FQDM, it's an Over Qualified Domain Name.

    The OQDN just happens to always be the same as the FQDN in the end.

    Make sure no microsoft entry exists in any of these files which may exist:
    (One per 9x, XP, 2k, if none of the files exist, don't worry.)

    Try 'ping www.microsoft.com' in a command line, note the IP address (if exists) if you don't get one mentioned or it doesn't match what some online tools say then it may just be your ISP. Your pings might not return, but it doesn't matter since it's just a quick-n-dirty way of seeing the IP.
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    my question is (sarcasm) why would you want to go to microsoft.com anyway? You'd think it would be a good thing for it to be off the web

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