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    can anybody recommend a PBX?

    There's a cute lil' wireless ISP here in nowhere that thinks he want to get into providing phone services to his customers. So I said I'd look into it for him on the side and give him a little report.

    I'm quite experienced with certain PBX's (which will remain unnamed) and their inadequacies and strengths. I've obviously done some research on the subject, I've read the periodicals that review these beasts of a bygone era, checked for horror stories, which I've found an amazing amount. My question is which would you prefer?

    Some requirements: It has to be scalable from 50-50000 (not that he'll grow that big but it's nice to be able to) Obviously VOIP is a must. All the bells and whistles of voicemail, call waiting, utilization reports, etc., etc. And I want something that isn't going to cost $100,000 up front.

    Any suggestions?
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    Well for that price range, I don't think you will get what he wants as described.

    For small scale operation, he might look at the 3Com NBX/VCX stuff.

    Not great stuff, but after installing a few, it will do the job on a smaller scale.

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