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Thread: CD Protection Override

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    CD Protection Override

    I'd just like to point out a brillient program called Alcohol 120%. If you find your having problems backing up your games or application cd's because of their cd protection then this program is for you. It's able to create images of cd's and then burn them to another cd even if the primary cd has some type of cd protection on it.

    The program is also able to create virtual cd drives to which you'll be able to load cd images into, therefore fooling your computer into thinking a real cd is really in a real cd drive.


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    If all you want is the ability to load .iso, .bin/.cue and other types of images so that your computer thinks you burned them and put them in a new CD drive, go for "Daemon Tools" ver 3.33 or above (if >3.33 exists.)

    It will automagically open the file and make a virtual cd-rom drive for you on windows which you can treat almost exactly like a real one. I think it does up to four at once.

    Did I mention that is is free and that it has some rudimentary options for bypassing some of the common protection schemes when you load an image? (I cannot speak for their efficacy, though.)
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