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Thread: Proxy Chaining Question

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    Proxy Chaining Question

    I've chained 2 proxies in the following manner
    in LAN settings:
    In the Address Box I've put in a proxy ip:80
    then space then another proxy ip 'n port no.
    80 in the port box.

    I've got a couple of questions on that:

    1)Is the above method of chaining proxies correct?
    If not wats the correct way?Also I prefer to stay away
    from third party applications so if possible plz
    suggest a manual way of chaining proxies.

    2)When I visit any IP detecting site it shows only one
    proxy IP instead of 2.Then how can I come to know that
    Im behind 2 proxies??

    Eagerly awaiting for ur replies,


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    Looking at your previous posts I'm thinking you figured out how to get someone's IP and now your tryin to figure out how to hide while you do something your not supposed to. Sorry if I'm wrong. Here's a tip though go to google and type manual proxy chain. I found what you are looking for in the first 5 results.
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    I'm going to assume you have good intentions.
    This will keep you busy for a while.

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    its only displaying one ip because thats the last proxy you routed through. to see what machines your connection goes through go to command prompt (may be under start>programs>ascessories is called command.com) and type this:
    tracert google.com
    now you will get results
    the ips you see is what your connection goes through to get to google. try to another site to odentify which is associated with google than remove that. There is what you need to access the web.
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