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Thread: I'm on Google???!!!

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    I'm on Google???!!!

    I was just playing around on google, using the google fights and checking results, when I decided to use my own name and my wifes name (different from mine btw) (I won) and was shocked that there were 39k+ references on google.
    Well now, I just had to find out why and how, so I did a search of my own name. The answer of course is real simple. Google just searches for any reference to either first or last name and give back a result.
    But low and behold, as I stepped down through the entries, I find this:
    12. Moxnix's Security FAQ's: Knowledge is Power
    ... My name is Glenn Angst. I live in Snohomish Wa ...
    It is the web site I have for truckers, to help them gain a little security. It is very basic and offers links to alot of the freeware for AV's and Firewalls and spyware removal.

    I never even considered that goole would ever pick it up.
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    Nice little site, I just spent the last few minutes reading the email hoax section. Wish more people would take the time to read and be aware of those

    And I searched for me on google and didn't come up with anything.
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    man, i googled myself and found some references to AO. But ive found too a text on another site with references (extracts) of a debate what we had here (VOIP security). Of course, they put the reference to AO, my nics and other .... thats fun. im on Internet

    p.s. moxnix: If that was your picture... man! i was thinking that i was the elder here but you won for 10,000 miles....
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    Wow, I'm all over Google. My website's there (didn't even know I was on Google!), and article featuring a post I made here on JupMedia (I had no idea), my Cybertron Archive identity, my AllPoetry submissions, and various other things. Who woulda known, I'm a Google celebrity!

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    I looked mine up a good while back. Mostly just listings for different forums. I sent off a app for a CC today though so I should have my own site up in a couple of weeks.
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